Scarlett Johansson’s Dark And Twisted Movie Roles

  • The Black Dahlia

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  • The Man Who Wasn’t There

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  • The Island

    [Photo Credit: DreamWorks]

  • The Prestige

    [Photo Credit: Buena Vista Pictures]

  • Lucy

    [Photo Credit: Universal Pictures]

  • The Spirit

    [Photo Credit: Lionsgate]

  • Under The Skin

    [Photo Credit: A24 Films]

There’s no doubt that Scarlett Johansson is one of the most talented actresses around. She’s played a superhero in Marvel franchises, a free spirit in Vicky Christina Barcelona, and a reflective, lovable loner in Lost In Translation. However, ScarJo’s clearly not afraid to go over to the dark side.

In her new film, Lucy, the actress plays a drug mule who manages to take down thugs after being drugged and given superhuman abilities. She’s also played a sexy alien, a clone effectively sentenced to die, and a temptress caught in a Hollywood murder mystery. But which character is the one we’d want to avoid in a dark alley? We rounded up and ranked Johansson’s odd and twisted roles, so dig into our gallery to find out which characters made the list.

[Photo Credit: A24 Films/Getty Images/Lionsgate]