From Tampon Ads to Sumo Tea-Bagging: Why Damon Wayans, Jr. and Jake Johnson Are the Baddest Bros Out There

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If you’re in love with New Girl’s dynamic duo, Damon Wayans, Jr. and Jake Johnson, you’re about to love them even more. VH1 recently sat down with the bromantic stars of Let’s Be Cops to learn about hilarious past jobs they’ve had (yes, Jake was in a 2007 tampon commercial), how they work their moves to get the ladies, and what they’d be like as real life roomies (attention ladies: Damon is single AND a neat freak!).

The two refer to themselves as “the odd couple” and clearly didn’t need any liquid courage (see video above) in order for their real life chemistry to resonate on screen. Happy Endings alum Damon was open to discussing what it’s like having a stranger’s balls in his face, while Jake didn’t shy away from answering why he always seems to bet getting these “slacker” roles. After a hilarious chat we know one thing is certain: As two down-to-earth Hollywood guys, they aren’t taking themselves too seriously on their way to stardom. They’re even hotter now than we previously thought — if that’s even possible.

VH1: In Let’s Be Cops, your roles are almost opposite of your New Girl characters. Damon is more reserved and Jake’s role is out there and more adventurous. Is this how you would describe your dynamic in real life?

Jake Johnson: I think we’re both a combination of the two.
Damon Wayans, Jr.: We’re both goofy at times, most of the time. But we can definitely get tired and we get cranky.

Really? Don’t know if we could see that.

DW: I mean we’re quiet cranks, not going around saying “F–k you, f–k you”… We just keep to ourselves. Jake’s the one who needs the hugs. I don’t need the hugs.
JJ: I need physical affirmations a lot. When I’m feeling low I just need to feel the warmth, if you will.
DW: It’s understandable, but at the same time it’s like, “Dude, I just gave you a hug like two minutes ago.”
JJ: There are times when I’m a million miles away and I hate that feeling of being alone.

You just want to feel the love.

DW: Yeah, that’s why I do it. Because at the end of the day, I’m trying to make a good product. It’s all business for me, really.
JJ: Oh, f–k you! [Laughs]

Take away the cop uniforms for a second: What are your go-to pickup lines?

DW: Excuse me, miss? My penis is running from the cops, it needs to hide inside of you.

In addition to playing roommates in New Girl, you live together in this movie. If you lived together in real life, which one of you would be neat and which one would be leaving pizza boxes around?

DW: I’m kind of a neat freak. I’m kind of OCD about it, so I’d definitely be neat. I don’t know about Jake…
JJ: I’m really messy! We’re the odd couple!
DW: I’d be cleaning up after this woman.

Jake, in the movie you do a herpes ad. Are there any funny or unusual jobs you guys have had that you may regret now?

JJ: I don’t regret it, but I was in a Tampax ad when I played the “before” guy. I represented the tampon before they upgraded to the Tampax Pearl. I was the guy you date when you used the stinky, old, plastic tampons before you had the new ones.

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