Learn How To Survive the Apocalypse with Dylan O’Brien and the Guys from The Maze Runner

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This weekend welcomes the highly anticipated post-apocalyptic film The Maze Runner, based on the novel by James Dashner. Aside from stating the obvious (it’s filled with buff guys and testosterone galore), it’s time you get to know these leading men a little bit better.

Of course, lead Dylan O’Brien (MTV’s Teen Wolf) is fantastic eye candy, proving he’s one of the main reasons girls everywhere will swarm to the theaters this weekend. But don’t overlook his supporting castmates. After all, Will Poulter did watch Jennifer Aniston strip in We’re the Millers. Game of Thrones fans, you’ll recognize Thomas Sangster from his time as Jojen Reed (or even from his work as Sam in Love Actually). Sangster told VH1 he enjoyed playing Maze Runner’s Newt so much, he doesn’t really miss GOT. “I had a great time doing it,” he says of his two seasons on the HBO series. “It’s lovely to come into a show that’s already established, very successful, and great. It means you can go off and do other things like this.”

VH1 caught up with Sangster and the rest of cast at the New York premiere of the film to chat about post-apocalypse essentials, bro-ing out off-set, and what an all-female Maze Runner would look like. Between bonding over intense physical training and nightly potluck dinners, it’s clear this cast’s chemistry is genuine.

Remember that time Poulter saw Aniston strip AND stole a kiss, in the video below.

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