Penelope Cruz Is 2014’s Sexiest Woman Alive

Penelope Cruz is smoking hot on the front of Esquire’s November issue. It’s no wonder the magazine crowned her this year’s Sexiest Woman Alive.

The 40-year-old Spanish actress looks perfect, flaunting her curves just over a year after having her second child. Cruz sat down for an interview with the magazine in romantic Madrid, her native city. Her wit and wisdom are on full display, showing that she has both beauty and brains.

Spending most of the past year focusing on family life with equally hot husband Javier Bardem, Cruz is indeed working on a new film. She’s not telling much about her upcoming role, but we already know that she’ll be stunning in her next turn on the big screen.

Check out some of her hottest looks of all-time, below.

  • penelope1_gty-crop.jpg

  • penelope3_gty-crop.jpg

  • penelope4_gty-crop.jpg

  • penelope22_gty-crop.jpg

  • penelope24_gty-crop.jpg

  • penelope-cruz-1616990.jpg

  • penelope-cruz-50845231.jpg

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  • penelope-cruz-53162360.jpg

  • penelope-cruz-72115200.jpg

  • penelope-cruz-74676626.jpg

  • penelope-cruz-75473578.jpg

  • penelope-cruz-75517354.jpg

  • penelope-cruz-75892487.jpg

  • penelope-cruz-76933591.jpg

  • penelope-cruz-78102090.jpg

  • penelope-cruz-78600263.jpg

  • penelope-cruz-79998507.jpg

  • penelope-cruz-80003580.jpg

  • penelope-cruz-84984294.jpg

  • penelope-cruz-90585580.jpg

  • penelope-cruz-93769426.jpg

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  • penelope-cruz-spl142892_006.jpg

  • penlope-cruz-77619663.jpg

[Photo Credit: Esquire Magazine]