Here’s How Your Biggest Dawson’s Creek Crushes Looked In The 90s (Enter With Caution!)

  • Joshua Jackson

  • Katie Holmes

  • James Van Der Beek

  • Michelle Williams

  • Kerr Smith

  • Andie McPhee

  • Michael Pitt

  • Busy Philipps

  • Chad Michael Murray

  • Monica Keena

Joshua Jackson’s new series, The Affair, recently premiered on Showtime and we couldn’t help ourselves — we had to take a trip down memory lane. We had to remember JJ as the teen heartthrob whose posters we once plastered on our walls. Don’t get us wrong — Josh is still a super hottie, but the baby-faced Pacey Witter we used to love is now all grown up. Given that our favorite Joshua Jackson role was, DUH, Pacey, we decided to revisit all our biggest Dawson’s Creek crushes, and see how the creek-dwelling babes have evolved since the late 1990s.

From being mainstays of the `90s to becoming modern babes, you’ll be shocked at how much these heartthrobs and throbettes have changed. From a pre-Tom and Suri Katie Holmes (who was, hint, adorable) to Joshua Jackson’s Eminem hair, these guys looked like the `90s. From Michelle Williams’ rosy, full cheeks to James Van Der Beek’s flippy, surfer dude hair, their `90s glory was prime perfection.

And it’s not just the main stars. We’ve taken a look back on all the hotties from Capeside, including Kerr Smith, Busy Philipps, Chad Michael Murray and Michael Pitt. So prepare for a Dawson’s Creek blast from the past and click though our gallery to see how different, and how `90s, your faves once were.