When Our Favorite Fictional Worlds Collide, We Get Great Episodes of TV

What happens when one of your favorite television shows visits another one of your favorite television shows? Magic, that’s what! There’s a certain feeling you get from finding out your favorite characters exist in the same fantasy world as another one of your favorite characters, like you’ve been let in on some very special little secret (never mind that everyone else watching is in on that secret, too).

While some shows have recurring crossover characters — like the wonderful sharing of Ursula Buffay (Lisa Kudrow) on Friends and Mad About You — others are just a one-off, like the appearance of the cast of St. Elsewhere on the classic sitcom, Cheers. More recently, Parenthood jumped over to About A Boy and The Simpsons and Family Guy met in an epic battle (although that’s not our favorite Simpsons cross over — you’ll see). All this, plus the time Ray Romano met Fran Drescher or when Urkel paid a visit to the Tanner household qualify as the best crossover episodes in TV history.

Parenthood and About A Boy (2014)

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In Season 1 of About A Boy (Episode 7, “About A Poker Night”), Will hosts a poker night (did you see that coming from the title?) and who should walk in the door as a guest but Crosby Braverman (Dax Shepard), with his baby daughter Aida in tow. With both being set in the Bay Area, it makes sense that the two worlds exist in tandem. The best part though is former bad boy Crosby changing Aida’s diaper on the poker table — gold stars for character consistency. Now we’d love to see About A Boy actors return the favor on Parenthood. A chance meeting between Max Braverman and Marcus, perhaps?

Mad About You on Friends (1995)

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