Why Did These Celebrities Agree To Do These Random Commercials?

Megan Meadows

We can all probably admit that we’ll spend a good amount of the holiday season in front of the tube mindlessly watching lame commercials. Yet something that always makes us do a double take is when we see an awesome celebrity in one of these lame commercials shilling some random product that: 1. You know they’re not using, and 2. They’re way too good for.

Cue those Macy’s holiday commercials which try to squeeze in every celebrity ever like it’s a Valentines Day sequel. Everybody’s gotta put their kids through college, but the following celebrity ad campaigns have us asking ourselves: Why? Just, why?

Amy Poehler for Old Navy
She’s our girl. Who’s girl is she not? Her new book is already a New York Times best seller, Parks and Recreation is returning for a seventh season, she’s about to host the Golden Globes with Tina Fey again, and…she’s in Old Navy commercials? She’s funny as always in these ads — and seems over them as she’s in them — but what is a woman who was once doing adorable print ads for The Gap doing playing retail characters? She’s so talented we can’t judge, but we DO wish we were a fly on the wall when she accepted this contract.

Matthew McConaughey for Lincoln Motor Co.

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