Nicolas Cage Is the Internet’s Greatest Gift

Aly Semigran

Brace yourselves, people: Nicolas Cage turns 51-years-old on January 7. (Well, fifty in human years, anyway, not Civil War-era vampire years.) Sure, Cage is technically an Academy Award-winning actor, but let’s be honest, at this point, he belongs to the Internet. His endlessly baffling behavior, film choices, and haircuts have made him a meme come to life, and we couldn’t be more thankful for it. In honor of one of the birth of one of Internet’s favorite subjects, let’s celebrate some of Cage’s all-time best contributions to the web.

The You Don’t Say Meme

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The image most associated with Nic Cage is this oft-used still from his 1988 horror comedy Vampire’s Kiss. The “You Don’t Say” meme is pretty much a staple of the Internet. Oh, you don’t say? Hell, even Nic himself is in on the joke.

Nicolas Cage’s Vampire Photo
While Cage swears that it’s not a centuries-old photo of himself in his earlier vampirical days, that didn’t stop an Ebay user from attempting the now-famous pic. As reported at the time, the photos vanished from Ebay soon after the initial sale.

Nicolas Cage GIFs

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The are SCADS of ’em on the Internet. In fact, in honor of Cage’s big 5-0 last year, went ahead and picked fifty of the best of them…and that only scratches the surface of how many are available online. (Be sure to check out the incredible, mesmerizing Cage Loves Kart GIF.)

Nicolas Cage Pranks

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If you’ve plastered the home or the cubicle of a person in your life (or better yet, you’ve been a victim of this glorious crime), there’s a good chance the final outcome now lives on places like BuzzFeed forever. We salute you for your hilarious, borderline frightening pranks.

Nic Cage as Everyone

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There’s an entire site devoted to putting Nicolas Cage’s face on everyone/everything imaginable. To put it lightly, it is pure nightmare fuel. See: Nic Case as all the members of The Wiggles.

Nicolas Cage Losing His Shit
Someone went ahead and compiled all the best on-screen moments of Nicolas Cage, well, you know.

Get in the Cage with Nicolas Cage

Okay, this isn’t technically an Internet thing, but since we all watch SNL online the next day anyway, it sort of counts. Besides, this just may be the funniest thing on this list. THAT’S HIGH PRAISE.

Nic Cage Has Bird Hair

Therefore, your argument is invalid.

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