Regina George Is the Only ‘Mean Girls’ Character Who Could Make ‘Fetch’ Happen

Aly Semigran

Look, we know what you’re thinking. Regina George is life ruiner. She ruins people’s lives. In the words of the scorned and rightfully pissed-off Janis Ian, “Regina George is not sweet. She’s a scum-sucking road whore.” We’re completely aware that she is the villain of the 2004 classic, infinitely re-quotable comedy Mean Girls, but as Damian so profoundly put it, “She’s fabulous, but she’s evil.” Rachel McAdams’ Regina George definitely isn’t the most likable character to ever hit the big screen, but she’s the best part of a movie that’s filled with so many memorable characters. No, really.

Here are our 10 reasons why we pick Regina George, in all of her fabulously evil glory, as the best thing about Mean Girls.

She’s played by Rachel McAdams

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It’s not just the fact that Regina George is played flawlessly by the beautiful and talented McAdams, it’s that it was during the year of Rachel McAdams. Mean Girls came out in 2004, the same year McAdams starred in her other defining role: Allie in The Notebook. Fun fact: Lindsay Lohan reportedly wanted to play Regina, but as fate and proper casting would have it, she’d play the flawed heroine Cady Heron. (Seriously, we can’t imagine those roles reversed, can you?) McAdams’ iconic performance won her the Breakthrough Female Award at the 2005 MTV Movie Awards.

Her mom is played by the one and only Amy Poehler

She’s not one of the regular moms, either, she’s a cool mom!

She’s THE mean girl

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