Forget Frank Underwood, ‘Sesame Street’ Star Frank Underwolf Puts His Schemes to Shame

Sesame Street produced a House of Cards parody, “House of Bricks,” that’ll change the way you view “The Three Little Pigs” fable forever.

In the children’s TV show’s take on the political drama, Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is reimagined as Frank Underwolf, a ruthless townie, with an affinity for talking to himself, on a quest to take blow down all of the weak little houses blocking his way to the white brick house. (Really, all that’s missing is a Claire Underwolf by his side.) Once he gets there, its three occupants gladly surrender their mini-mansion, only to deceive him as he’s done to the rest of the town. The three little pigs huff and puff and easily blow Underwolf’s white house down, which was actually a, wait for it, house of cards to begin with.

Could Sesame Street be foreshadowing House of Cards’ future?


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