There’s No Hope for Us Because Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Are Reportedly Dunzo

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were the cutest damn celebrity couple of all time. Until sadly, they weren’t. The Gossip Table tells us that the two, who have been together for over three years, are taking some time apart due to their chaotic schedules. They haven’t been spotted together in public for a few months now, and many speculated things were headed south when Stone walked the Oscar red carpet by herself.

If you were wondering: Yes, we’re all in mourning together. They seemed so in love, not to mention Garfield just announced he’d be leaving the Spider-Man franchise. How much can the poor guy take? If there’s no hope for them, we’re all screwed.

UPDATE 4/8/15: Sources tell People the couple is indeed “taking a break” after three years of dating. Sigh.

[Photo Credit: Getty]

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