• Season 1, Ep 1

Myles Trash Talking Shareef Before The Game

Myles lets Shareef know that his team is ready to take him on in the family basketball game.

07/17/2016 ยท 1:13

Hey, you know, we justgot back from the park.

You had a workout?With Jabronis for Life.

A workout?We had a real practice, boy.

Ready to shut you down again,boy.

You can't guard me,Mimi can't guard me.

I can guard you.Oh, we'll see tomorrow.

No, you can't guard me.Okay, bro, we'll see.

You can barely guard Shaqir.

If you really thoughtI couldn't guard you,

you wouldn't be sitting heretalking about it.

You came in here.

I'll never back downfrom a competition.

Like, there's some type offight every time we play.

He's gonna hold the grudgefor even after the game.

It's a Floyd Mayweather/Manny Pacquiao fight...

Exactly! Yes!...and we're gonna go inand start swinging.

I'm getting in your headright now.

Bro, all right, that's justgonna make me skunk y'all.

You're not gonna skunknobody, boy.

You're not me.That's why you don't play.

I thought you werethe best in the house,

but I guess that's a lie.Yo, Qir!


Come here, bro.S'up?

Hearing Myles talkingall this trash

about how they'regonna beat

two of the top playersin their class.

All we have to dois make Myles mad,

and when we make Myles mad,

he's gonna make Mimiand Me'Arah mad,

and they're not gonnawanna play on his team.

Well, I'm not intimidatedat all.

Just had to let Shaqir knowthat it wasn't a game anymore

and that we neededto be serious about it.

It is three versus two, soit's not gonna be an easy win.

All right, brother,Bucket Eaters on three.

At first, I thoughtit was a little family game,

but this isn't a joke anymore.

(both)Bucket Eaters.