• Season 1, Ep 2 · Bonus

Myles, Shareef, and Robert Shoot Around In The Backyard

Myles discusses his progress with the apartment hunt.

07/24/2016 · 1:41

(Shareef)What did you do today, bro?

(Myles)I was with mom, like,

looking at this apartmentthat I found.

Like, she, she wanted toput me on a $1500 budget,

which in LA, honestly,is not gonna get you anywhere.

I feel like Shareefis just like, uh,

he's kind of like myright hand man in the house.

I think it'sa good idea.

I think youshould go.


Got my back?

Yeah, I got it.

He kind of gives me that...

that second "yes,"you know, that I need.

Well, I'll definitelybe in there, son.

I know--look who it is.

What up?

The second personI need on my team.


What y'all gotgoing on?

Just talking about this dayI had with my mom and the, uh,

apartment hunting.

I feel like Robert's a goodperson to talk to about

this wholeliving situation,

because I feel like he willunderstand me more, being a guy,

and he's also closeto my mom,

so I feel like he'llsee her side about it too,

but he'll also-- he'll stillunderstand my vision.

She didn't seethe vision, man.

I don't know.

She didn't see the sharp--she saw the sharp edges,

but they didn'tgrasp her attention.

They didn't graspher wallet either.


Shaunie knowsshe spoils Myles,

and I don't think it's toolate to correct that,

but it's kind ofinstilled in him, so...

I don't know.

You look likea good budgeter.

You look like a goodmoney manager.

You look likeyou could, you could...

Yo......make a dollarout of 15 cents.

I got something,I got something.

Let's go, dog,I got something.

Hey, let's go.