• Season 1, Ep 3 · Bonus

Myles And Shaunie Go Out For Fro-Yo

Myles and Shaunie discuss Shaqir’s outlandish birthday party plans.

08/01/2016 · 1:39


(woman)Hello, welcome!


You guys want to tryany new flavors today?

Can I try your salted caramel?Yeah.

That's the one.

How's school?

School's good, school,school-ish.

So, you excitedfor the party?

I am.

Are you?

I'm excited-- Shaqir hasa lot of stuff planned.

I told him--

You told him he could havewhatever he wants.

I definitelydidn't say that.

That's what he told meand Keyonna.

He said he wants to beflown in on a helicopter,

he wants strippers,

he wants a performance,he wants...

a lot of stuff.

He can requesta whole lot of stuff.

You can't crusha boy's dreams, mom.

So, you're leavingthat up to me.

That's what moms do.You know I'm not--

Shaqir neverceases to amaze me.

I'm wondering,

should I have never givenhim this opportunity?

In these moments that he'ssaying these things,

what are you saying?

I'm saying, "Hey, bro,if you think is doable."

You, being the oldest,

should kind of help dialsome of this back for me.

I was dialing it back,but he was like,

"I want strippers,"and I was like,

okay, maybe the strippersshould be wearing clothes.

Then they'renot strippers.

Exactly, see,I'm dialing it back.

My mom asked me todial back the party.

I'm gonna tell her, yes, ofcourse, I'm gonna dial it back,

but that's not reallywhat I'm gonna do.

You just make sure to bringthe money, your personality,

and you bring yourbeautiful face.