• Season 1, Ep 4 · Bonus

Myles’s First Trip To The Laundromat

Shaunie supervises Myles’ first ever attempt at doing laundry.

08/08/2016 · 2:03


How aboutthis washing?

I'm excited.

I already provedto my mom that I can shop,

and now she wants me to proveto her that I can do laundry.

I feel like my mom is justtrying everything in her power

to keep meby her side.

Take this... there.

Throw it all in.

Read the operatinginstructions.

Okay, "Load laundry,close door"-- I did that--

"Add supplies--see instructions below," okay.

I have never,in 18 years,

seen Myles touchthe washer and dryer.

So...'Cause I haven't had to.

All right, so we'lltake some detergent.


What color are youwashing right now?

Whites, so I'm gonnago cold temperature.


I'm gonna go hot.

Siri, what temperaturedo I wash white clothes?

(Shaunie)The assistance of thecell phone is cheating,

but okay, I'll, I'lllet him slide on that one.

It's 2016.

Come on, people.

"Use warm waterfor the majority..."


Oh, okay.

Now we just press "start"and let it start.

There you go.All right.

Next we got our colors.

I'm gonna saycolor's cold,

'cause we don't wantthose to bleed.

It's like science.

It's like science.

It's really not...It's really like common sense.

It's just something thatkind of just in there.

Just watch TV,watch "Caillou".

Ha!Appreciate his momdid some laundry.

I told you, I coulddo this by myself.

I don't need you.I mean...

I mean,I'm proud of you.

But it makes mea little sad.

Yeah, it's a sadmoment, you know?

Don't make fun of it,Myles!

I did the grocery shopping,I did the laundry.

Two points Myles, so...

I'm gonna miss her.

But adios.

Oh, God!