• Season 1, Ep 1

The Jabroni's vs. The Bucket Getters

The stakes are high when the O'Neal kids face off in a family basketball game.

07/17/2016 · 2:55

Let's go!


(Myles)Jabroni in the house!

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!Let's go.


(Shaunie)Today's the day of the big game.

All of our friends and family

have come outto watch the kids play.

Hopefully,it will bring a little closure

to this whole trash-talking inthe house thing that's going on.

It either is gonna end itor take it to a new level.

I'm gonna call this game evenly,all right?

First team to 30 wins.

I'm gonna call all fouls.Let's get it going.

This is more excitingthan watching the NBA

or a college team on TV,'cause I know all the players.

to see them all play againsteach other at one time,

you're gonna get a good show.

♪ Jabronis for Life ♪

♪ No, we never surrenderor give up ♪♪

There we go.Now I believe in it.

I have a lot of confidencein my team

that we will be ableto down the Bucket Getters.Never.

We definitely arethe fan favorite.Never.

We definitely are whateverybody came here to see.

(whistle blows)

Come on there!Come on there!

(cheering)Two points, two points.

So, two.


Yeah, Mimi!Yeah, Mimi!


(whistle blows)Miles!

Oh, my God!

Foul, foul.Myles!

Myles, you got it!Myles, you got it!

(whistle blows)Foul, foul.

They've never played each otherthis intensely.

I get you want to win,but it's getting too real.

Oh! Oh!There you go!

(whistle blows)

(Myles)Foul, foul, foul.

You're gonna foul out.

I might block themor steal the ball,

but I'm not gonnahit them physically.

You did shoulder check Me'Arahone good time.

She fell on the ground.

Well, that-- I sortof checked Me'Arah

'cause she was in my way.(laughs)

There you go,hit that!

Get that, Mimi!

Mimi, ohh!(cheering)

Mimi's got all the points.

I know Mimi's scoring,but it's not scaring me.

Don't step into the cagewith a lion

if you're not expectingto get mauled.


Go, Mimi!(cheering)

Mimi's the only factorright now.

If we stop that factor,

it's gonna have to goto Myles or Me'Arah.

Get that, Me'Arah!

(whistle blows)

Time out! Time out, red!

(Shaunie)The Jabronis might actually winthis thing.

And if Myles wins this game,

we all just might haveto move out.

He is never goingto stop talking about it.

So, let's hopethat Shareef wins the game.

Mimi, you're doing amazing.Both of you.