• Season 5, Ep 15

Joseline vs. Tommie

When Joseline and Tommie finally come face-to-face, insults are exchanged and Tommie tries to put her hands on Joseline.

07/18/2016 ยท 2:09

(Joseline)Tommie is like anothertrifling-ass bitch

in the streets.

They always claimthey want to be cool

with the winning team,like myself,

but they really--they just wanna do

is stab you behind your back.

I been really niceto Tommie.

I try to bring youin my world.

I even brought her in my bedroomwith my husband in my bed.

How dare you go around sayingthat I called the popo on you?

Tommie really gonna learnwhat happens

when you startrunning your (bleep)

about Joseline Hernandez.

Give me a little minute,come back.


What's happening?

(chuckling)You going to a funeral?


(Tommie)So Joseline's beenmessing with my head,

pretending like she's my friend,and at the same time,

taking advantage of mewhile I'm vulnerable.

If Joseline thinksI'm gonna sit back

and take what she's dishing,that bitch is delusional.

I don't know what Joselinehas to say,

but whatever it is, she bettercome correct, or else.

What's going on with you?

What's going onwith you, honey?

You invited me in.

- Here-- here's the question.- Yeah.

Here's the question:why do you feel like

I called the police on you?

Joseline, the only personhad my room number

when I checked in therefrom leaving you

and your husbandwas you.

You saying the only personthat had your room number?

No, the peopleat the front deskhad your room number.

Bitch, let metell you something.

When you made the call,

they told methey needed a translator

to mother(bleep) translateyour broken English, bitch.

- You a liar.- If you wanna run this (bleep)

a whole different way,we could do this.

I never calledthe police on you,but now I will!

- Get out of here, bitch.- I will call the police on you.

See you in prison.

Yeah, bitch.

I'll bust yourmother(bleep) ass, (bleep).

Bitch, you wanna accuse me

of doing thingsthat I haven't done?

Guess what, bitch!

Two hoes can playthe same game.

But I'm just gonnaplay it better.

Get out of here!

This bitch is coming aroundtrying to be a copycat of me!

But guess what, bitch,you're a wannabe.

Nobody is betterthan the original.

- See you in jail, bitch.- Let me tell you something.

You ain't nothingbut a mother(bleep)prostitute, bitch!

Get this bitch out of here.That bitch is going down.

You ain't got no job, ho.

You don't run (bleep).

Get this bitch out of here.

You would havebeen better off

with me on your side

than me as your enemy,bitch.

- You lose, (bleep) bitch.- Bye, ho! Exactly.

You garbage.Good-bye, bitch!

It looks likeI do run (bleep).

So, bitch, don't come back!

Come on, girls,come back to work.

(bleep) this ho.