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Why Watch + Meet Shaunie's Kids

Shaunie is sharing her home life with the world. More than just a member of the Basketball Wives LA crew, she is a mom, a daughter, an aunt, a sister, and a friend. Shaunie’s Home Court premieres Sunday, July 17th + 10:30/9:30c on VH1!

07/13/2016 · 2:36

"Shaunie's Home Court" isreally what my reality is

when you turnall the other cameras off,

all the other shows,turn 'em off,

this is the real dealright here.


"Shaunie's Home Court,"you'll finally get to see

the true me.

It's me being a mom,

being a daughter,

being an aunt,a sister, a friend.

You'll see meat home with my kids,

you'll see whatI'm doing when I'm not

with the ladies,you know.

Like I've beensaying forever,

"Basketball Wives" issuch a very small portion

of my life.

This show is 100% me,

and now I'm sharing itwith the world.

I love being a mom.

I have five kids.

Yes, this popped outfive kids.What?

So many personalities,

and the ages gofrom 19 to ten,

so it's a lot going on.

My oldest is Myles,he's 19,

and he's most like me,which is scary.

Shareef, he is 16,

and he is the basketballphenomenon in our house.

Mimi, she's 14,

and Mimi's kind oflike the selfie queen,

super girly girl,

and a little sneakyat the same time.

Shaqir thinkshe's Will Smith,

all day is acting,

and he's 13going on 30.

I think Shaqir willget his own show,

shortly, on purpose.

And Me'Arah,

she's the baby,she's ten.

Me'Arah is very in tune

with what's going on,super nosy,

she's a little bitof-- like, my spy.

She'll let me knowwhat's going down

when I'm not there.

My kids, they needtheir own show.

I don't evenhave to be in it.

We get a little crazy,

but I enjoyevery minute of it.

People shouldtune into this show

just to seewho I really am,

and I hopethey get to see

the most important thingever to me is being

these five kids' mom.

I love every bit of it,

and I thinkyou guys feel the love,

see the struggle,see all of it, you know.

"Shaunie's Home Court"will remind you a little bit

of "Run's House"with a modern twist,

because I'm a single parentraising five children.

So our, you know,

obstacles area little different.

It's a little bitof everything.

A completeunorganized mess,

and I really think

that kind ofdescribes my family,

but I think it will be

30 minutes of pure fun.