• Season 1, Ep 3 · Bonus

Shaunie Hangs Out With Her Sister Cori

Shaunie talks about all of the the mischief her kids have been getting into lately.

08/01/2016 · 2:10

for girls to dance and/orescort him into this party.

So, Myles and Keyonnaparticipated in this.


And just gave random girlsyour home address...

Exactly! Yes!...to come over and...

And they all werelovin' it, I'm sure.

Lovin' it! They all hadsmiles on their faces,

like, when I turnedthe corner, they were like...


Then, Me'Arah calls mein her room this evening,

and I walk in toeyeliner and a crop-top...

No....that fit right here,

and a tube skirt.

Oh, no!

And that was the outfitthat her sister

and Robert and Christina

thought was a goodparty outfit.


They know better than that.Robert and Christina.

Like, why would they eventhink that was a good idea?

Who knew-- but why doesshe have to look 30...

Right....to go to the party?

Oh, you know Christina...I don't understand.

...she overdoesthe makeup.

Right, on the regular.(laughing)

It was awful.

I don't know, child,they've just been--

it's a day oftrying me.

I can't, with them.

And let her try me.