• Season 1, Ep 2

Myles Checks Out A Luxury Apartment

Shaunie and Myles are not on the same page when it comes to finding his first apartment.

07/24/2016 ยท 2:15

Oh, how lovely!

It's great.You got a doorman?

I definitely want to hearwhat Myles is thinking,

and what his ideaof moving out is

before I bustany of his bubbles.


Welcome to the BillionairesTowers, I'm Jerrod.

Nice to meet you.Let's do it.

(elevator bell dinging)

This is 803.




This place is builtfor a bachelor.

Jerrod, he gets me.

Oh, my God,look at these edges.

Is that a TV?Yes it is.That is a TV.

So, you're gonna havea TV in the kitchen,

you're gonna have a TVin the living room,

you're gonna havea TV in the bathroom,

and you're gonna havea TV in the bedroom.

Great-- let's look at the,let's look at the patio.

Look at these edges.

How popular is the poolfor this building?

Pretty greatin the summertime.

Is there, like, young,hot, half-naked girls?


Not fully naked,half-naked, that...

That's important?...really-- yeah.

That meansthey're wholesome.


Let's check outthe bedroom.

See, mom, if you give methis place, I promise,

zero magic willhappen in this room.


'cause there'll be a pictureof you right here that says...

"Not today!"

"Not today, boo-boo."

"Not today,boo-boo."

You know what?

Myles is anexcellent salesman.

He could sell anythingto anyone.

Hell, I want to movein this apartment.

Sit down, mom,let's talk.


How much does this...

Jerrod, how muchare we looking at?

So, short-term rentalwould be $10,000 a month.

Did you know thatbefore we got here?

I'm not gonna sayI didn't know it,

but I'm not gonna say I wasplanning on telling you

before we camehere either.

The knowledge that I'm going togain from living in this house

and having my own space,you can't,

you can't puta price on that.

I kind of can.

$10,000 a month,at 18 years old, really?

Yeah, so...

We're gonna talkabout this...

Absolutely....and, uh...

Jerrod...You guys want meto walk you downstairs?

I think you're notlooking at that edge.

I see all the edges,Myles, I see it.

If Myles thinksthis is a starter home

for an 18-year-old kidin college,

I-I don't evenknow what to say to that.

Hell, this is a finishinghome for an adult.