• Season 1, Ep 4 · Bonus

Keyonna Gives Myles Internship Advice

Keyonna gives Myles a reality check regarding his new internship in NYC.

08/08/2016 · 2:08

Shorts, it's gonna be hot.

Oh, it's gonna be heavy.

What's up, Myles?Look who it is.

What are you doing?

I'm packing up, New York.

For the internship?Yeah.

What are youpacking, though?

You know it's notthe same weather.

It's the summertime,Keyonna.

I don't know if boyswear pink in New York.

Hey, well, I'm adifferent type of guy.

You are a differenttype of guy.

Child, please.What is this internship?

It's for a business.

What are you gonna be doing,do you know?

Working, Keyonna.

I'm gonna make this--You don't knowhow to work, though!

I'm gonna makethese power moves,

and then when I'm done making--What power moves?

You don't even know what to do.I don't need to explainto you right now.

I'm gonna makesome power moves,

and then, when I makethese power moves,

and you need something,just remember that I'll still

give it to you after thisconversation that we're having.

I mean, Keyonna is like anolder, wiser person in my eyes,

so I do listen towhat she says.

But I feel like Keyonna'sstill being a nanny to me.

Internship meansyou're gonna start

at the bottom ofthe totem pole.

It does.

But you'recoming in like...

I am up here, Keyonna....and you, you live up here.

That's the placethat you need to be.

You know,successful people...

Where were they?Up here.

Yeah, but they startedfrom the bottom,

now they're here.They started from the bottom

and went the attitudesup here.

Myles thinks he knowseverything about everything.

Well, Myles has neverhad a job.

I'm just tryingto give him advice,

'cause the internshipis beneath the totem pole.

It's not even bottomof the totem pole,

you're holdingthe totem pole up.

You're doubting me, my mom'strying to get all up in my trip.

I'm not doubting you.No, you are doubting me,

and I'm gonnaremember this a long time.

All right.

So, I'm doubtingyou-- what?

Your mom's trying to come?Yep.

Why-- why's your momtrying to come?

'Cause she's like, scared, likeI don't know what I'm doing.

So, I'm just gonna like,have to go do some house--

housework and stuff, show mymom I can do it, you know?

Like grocery shoppingor something.

Go grocery shoppingon a budget.

I-- I think she'smaybe correct on that.

All right, but you'redoubting around me,

and I'm gonna prove both of youwrong and rub it in your face.

You will rub itin my face.

Yeah, I will.