• Season 1, Ep 3

Shaqir Holds Model Auditions

Shaunie gives Shaqir a reality check when his birthday party plans are starting to resemble a rap video shoot.

08/01/2016 · 2:42

So, game plan here:

we all have to agree to say"This is the best girl."

We'll rate them from oneto five, how much you like them.

One to five?What about ten?

Okay, ten.

Shaqir came through.I can't believe it.

Bring in the models.

Oh, my God.Oh, my God.

Hello, ladies.

All right...

It's my birthday.

Shut up.

I think Shaqir's, like,choking in the limelight

now that the girlsare right in front of you.

Well,happy birthday.


Thank you for having us.

(Shaqir)I got kind of nervous.

I didn't think they were gonnabe, like, that good-looking,

so I was just smiling.


(Myles)Can we have y'alljust dance first, please?

Get a little music.

♪ It's your birthday ♪

♪ It's your birthday ♪

♪ Yo, live it up, it's your birthday... ♪

(Keyonna)Oh, my God, Myles.

♪ ...I know that you wanna-- ♪♪

(music shuts off)

What exactly is this?

Myles, it's no--No, no more notes.

Wait, wait.

So, I walk up to my houseand see--

I don't know--five, six girls

gyrating for my sonsand the nanny.

Keyonna and Myles, can youplease take these lovely ladies?

(Keyonna)All right, thank youvery much.

Yeah, thank you very much.

I'll DM you guys.

Shaqir, I needto holler at you.

Qir, what exactlyare these ladies doing?

We were voting to seewhich one was the best.

For what?

To walk me into my party.

Well, why were they dancing?

Well, the music comes onand they're like...

like they started dancing.

This is just gettingout of control.

Fine. I have some other stuffthat I wanted for the party.


First, I need a helicopter.

Mmm. Scratch, no.

All right, then I wouldpull up in a Rolls-Royce.


Okay, I'll cross that off.

I need a panda in a cage,like, on the side of the stage.

A panda?

To what?Hold?

Well, if the "Panda" songcomes on,

I mean, we can, like, pull outthe panda and, like...

This party is sounding like,you know, Drake's next video.

It is not a 13-year-old'sbirthday party.

He watches way too many videos.I blame society.


Absolutely not.

First of all,you need to understand

how ridiculoussome of those things are.

A helicopter?I can't get a helicopter?

No, what do you needa helicopter for, Kobe?

To look cool.

You have two models,not 12

or however manywere here, two.