• Season 1, Ep 2

Myles Checks Out An Apartment Within His Budget

Robert and Shareef accompany Myles as he checks out a more realistic living arrangement.

07/24/2016 · 1:44

Ah, hopefully thisnew spot that you found

fits my persona.

I think you'll be content.

I rememberbeing Myles' age

and wanting to move out ofmy parents' house.

As long as I can do mein that apartment,

that's all that Icare about, is doing me.

But, with the tastethat Myles has... ooh!

I don't know what'sgonna happen.

All right, so, it's right here,on the corner, man.

(bird screeching)

(Myles)It's definitelyrounder edges here.

(Robert)Hey, how you doing?

(man)How you doing?I'm Ty.

So, here we got a two-bedroom,1-1/2 bathroom.

Got a kitchen here.

Nice, working refrigerator.

I'll show you guys the, uh,master bedroom right over here.

Look at the floor.

Oh, what-- there'sa cockroach right here.

Oh, my God,all right.

All right.

Oh, no, this can't bethe real thing.

Like, I feellike Ashton Kutcher

is just gonna hop outand be like,

"You're beingpunked right now!"

Then it's gonnamake sense.

(Robert)So, how much, how muchis this gonna be?

It's $1995 a month.

We should leave.

Yo, let's just talk about itreal quick and see what happens.

(Ty)I'll step outside.

All right, thanks, man,appreciate it.

First of all,you didn't see this--

there was a cockroachin the closet.

We're paying $500over our budget.

He can't-- he can't evenfit in the door.

Well, thencut your hair.

Living by myselffor the first time,

I don't want to call a placelike this home.

It wasn't on the beach,no sharp edges... sorry.

I'm sorry I want to liveluxuriously.

The video he showed me,the other place...

Billionaire Towers.Billionaire Towers?

It's Billionaire Towers?Yes!

That's tight, man.I know!

All right, but comparedto this, this is horrible.

We'll try tomake it happen, dog.