• Season 1, Ep 3

Shopping For Shaqir's Party

Keyonna, Myles, and Shaqir go crazy at the prop store in preparation for Shaqir's huge birthday party.

08/01/2016 · 2:25

Yeah, my party's gonnabe super-duper lit.

How many peopledid you invite again?

I already invited like 100.

Yeah, I hadlike 200 people there.

I mean, the Power Rangerscame, remember?

Oh, yeah,I do remember.


All y'all friends,13th birthday party,

they're like weddings.

Especially the bar mitzvahsand the bat mitzvahs.

Yeah, people pull upin Rolls-Royces, normal.

So, you just gotta do itlike black people

would do a bar mitzvah.Do the bro mitzvah.

I agree.

You should come inon a helicopter--

Uber hasa helicopter service now.

Shut up.For real?

And we can Uber helicopterourselves to the party.

That would be so tight.

But I mean, she said youcan do whatever you want.

What were the rules your momgave us for your party?

Be responsibleand be appropriate.

She said I can dowhatever I want.

Right there.

'Cause you knowwe gonna get buck wild.

(Keyonna)Need, like, real, like,pimped-out stuff.

(Shaqir)I just need someregular gold grills.

I'll take that one.

(Keyonna)Oh, and a fog machine.

We have to fog up,like, a big room.

Ooh, they got fake racksof money.

Yeah, we gotta get these.Oh, yes, you needsome green.

Oh, my God. I can walk intothe bar with that in my hand.

How do you like us now?

So, if we haveall this money...

Ooh. Boy, stacked up.

...and I'm in my Snapchatposting like,

"Hey, look at all this money,come to Shaqir's party,

everybody's gonna be like, What?We need to go to this party.

Oh, bam.

Oh, wow.I need to see this.

Right here.

And the crown is there.

That's tight, right?

I need at least two modelsto walk me in.

Bing, bing.

Ooh.Oh, yeah, just sayin'.

See, I remember planningmy 13th birthday,

and I was just going all out.Right, you were.

So, I'm just gonna supportShaqir in every way.

I'm gonna be his yes man.

Three chains, boy.

You're not Tity Boi,you're Shaqir.


All right, so,we gotta do a casting video

for all these girlsto show up.

What do you thinkthe video should look like?

With some hats,like those hats.

I need a fake mustache.

I should get some chest hair.Keyonna, look.

We need some girls for...

(deepening voice)We need some girls for Shaqir.

I like that one.

So, we're making this video,

gonna post it on Shareef'sInstagram, Myles, Shaqir.

They have all these followers,so we're like, hey,

come escort Shaqirto the party,

I think we're gonna havea really good turnout.

It's about to be lit.

(Myles)We're propped out.