Joseline Was M.I.A. And K.Michelle Went HAM On Bossip At The NYC Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Premiere Party

Miss Joseline Hernandez, baby was not in the mood to be bothered at last night’s NYC’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta premiere party. And by now you’ve seen K.Michelle read a Bossip blogger like you’ve never seen a read.

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As the ladies trickled in NYC’s Stage 48 in their body hugging dresses, Mimi, Erica and K. Michelle were all smiles. In a red jumpsuit, Joseline headed to VIP, alone, and put on her shades. It was clear she didn’t was not there to be entertaining. Stevie J was the only man (how befitting) from the ATL cast at the event, and untrue form he was posted in VIP with his entourage. Before the premiere episode was shown on a flat screen VH1’s Yandy and Emily B. came out to support Mona Scott Young. The Gossip Game girls– Kim Osario, Angela Yee, Ms. Drama, K. Foxx and JasFly–were in attendance either for moral support or working as industry insiders.

We know you’d love for us to give away what went down on the first episode. But just know the cast enjoyed watching it just as much as we did. As Mimi, Erica, Stevie J and K.Michelle took the stage for the Q&A there was a collective lingering question: Where was Joseline? The next question: What did Stevie J do to her?

The show went on as media outlets asked questions about what they’d just watched. But when a Bossip blogger asked Mimi about being a positive role model K.Michelle went couldn’t keep her composure. She read for the gods! Michelle cursed that Bossip blogger out as if she were cursing to save her life. Her main point: She’s from the streets. Bossip takes pleasure in other people’s pain. And come see her (which means she will fight you) if they ever write anything negative about her again. Poor guy.

Spirits were high, and Mona Scott Young’s moscato myx was flowing. And Joseline was truly missed.