K.Michelle Knows She’s Always Beefing And Thinks Her Girls Do A Good Job Staying Neutral

K.Michelle knows she has a new beef every other week. And she’s fine with it. “I do have an issue with someone all the time,” she told us at the NYC premiere party. Her reason for the constant arguments: “I just think differently.”

Her “different thinking” leads to some unexpected turmoil in one of her friendships. Hint: It’s not Mimi. But K.Michelle doesn’t seem to mind being the rebel rouser. “I really don’t care as long as I have a valid point in my argument, I’m ok.” With someone like K who goes off the minute she feels she’s been wronged you wonder how she remains friends with a group of women who are still friends with her No. 1 enemy, Rasheeda. Does she think Erica and Ariane stay neutral?

“Erica’s real mutual. She don’t want no parts in it,” K.Michelle said. “Ariane, you’ll see through the season with me and Mimi having our issues, Ariane was very mutual.” Good. At least we can rest easy knowing K.Michelle isn’t going to pop off on one of her homegirls for taking sides. This season is getting juicier by the minute. Tune in tonight at 8PM ET.

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