Did K.Michelle Have A Right To Be Mad At Ariane For Having Sex With Her Ex? [POLL]

If there was one beef you didn’t see coming on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta it was Ariane and K.Michelle arguing over a man who no longer matters to either of them.

It was all love once the girlfriends decided to make up at Erica’s engagement party. A little kiss on the lips sealed their friendship bond. But are the two still friends after filming an entire season together? “Ariane is the one person that knows how to talk to me,” K.Michelle told us at the NYC premiere party. “We bump heads a lot, but we know how to talk to each other.” Knowing how to talk to K.Michelle is what can get you loved or hated by the quick tempered Memphis singer. As far as Ariane sleeping with K’s ex and announcing it on the radio without telling her first, K thinks Ariane still doesn’t get why that was wrong.

“I don’t think she still got it, but people are raised differently…so you really can’t be like, ’Oh my god, why.'” If Mimi and K.Michelle can get past the flower incident anything’s possible. Do you think K.Michelle had a reason to be mad? Take the poll and tell us your thoughts.

Was K.Michelle Right For Being Mad At Ariane Over Sleeping With Her Ex?

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