The Gossip Game: JasFly’s Exclusive, Plus This Week’s Biggest Headlines

When Kim Osorio asked JasFly about a story Jas was working on during Monday night’s episode of The Gossip Game, she didn’t expect the freelancer to answer yes to her “murder, sex, violence?” half-joking line of questioning. That kind of story certainly sells magazines and drives online traffic, and it’s exactly what Jas had in her pocket.

As we get a glimpse of in the clip above and will see in-full on the show’s upcoming episode, Jas gets an exclusive with Kia Jeffries, the female vocalist who sang the hook on Akinyele’s “Put It In Your Mouth” back in the late ’90s. Revealing details on how she killed her abusive boyfriend in self-defense, things get intense with Jeffries, but Jas handles it like a pro.

Outside of the show, Sharon Carpenter secured some solid interviews this week, sitting down with VH1 Mob Wives’ star Karen Gravano and rumored Rick Ross girlfriend, Shateria Moragne-El. As the other passenger in the vehicle with Rozay when he was shot at a back in January, Shateria spoke to Sharon about her relationship with the heavyweight rapper and her new fashion line, frontrow. Get the full scoop below, and tune in to The Gossip Game at its NEW TIME: Monday at 11pm ET/PT!

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