Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 3 – “Off With That B*tch Head”

“My name Rah-sheeeeda, I rap like Shawty Lo.” There were so many jaw-dropping moments, but K.Michelle mocking Rasheeda was by far the funniest. Only on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta will you find a beautiful rapper and pretty singer shading one another’s careers.

Karlie Redd’s in the booth working on her rap all while being messy. And why not make a diss record toward K.Michelle and let Rasheeda hear it? Traci comes along for the entertainment and tries to grasp what is going on. “Come on, get on a verse,” Karlie tells Rasheeda. “I am so not about to waste my beautiful voice on no gotd– zoo animals. I can’t do it,” Rasheeda responds. Traci eggs Rasheeda on persuading her with the “I’ll play it [on the radio]” if she just does the song. Rasheeda says she’ll think about it. When Karlie asks when is the last time she saw K, Rasheeda says, “Oh, I was driving down Boulevard pass the Atlanta Zoo and she was right outside that b*tch eating some grass.” Oh, Rasheeda.

Scrappy confesses to Erica that his mom and Shay popped up at the studio. Erica’s first question, like any woman’s would’ve been, “How she know you was at the studio?” Erica’s thinks Scrappy shouldn’t have even entertained the conversation. “You think she came with your mama?” Erica asks. Of course she did, and if Erica has to talk to MommaDee to let her know she’s not going anywhere then that’s what is going to have to happen. “At this point, I’m gon’ be respected. Period.” Erica’s so fed up with the foolishness she’s lost her appetite.

There’s nothing like a house warming to bring together a group of friends, except when two of the women are now enemies. Rasheeda and K.Michelle ignore each other as if the other doesn’t exist at Mimi’s housewarming, but Ariane plays peacemaker by asking K why she’s so quiet. “Say hi to each other,” Ariane says. “We at a housewarming.” “I ain’t trying to be no grown a– woman arguing with no next grown a– woman arguing all the time,” Rasheeda said. When Rasheeda tells K.Michelle she obviously comes across her mind all the time K corrects her and says, “No bitch. You and your little Instagram essays. Who takes out time to type out a full essay on Instagram?” The two exchange insults back and forth. “Just worry about when your a– gon’ hit the floor, that fake s—. When that motherf—- drop and yo a– in the hospital some f—- where ok?” Rasheeda leaves because “I’ll be ready to hit a b—.” As Rasheeda’s walking out K.Michelle says, “Tell Kirk and his three earrings I said hello.”

This pisses Rasheeda off so she steps to K, which results in K throwing a candle at Rasheeda then kicking her. The two tussle a bit trying to get past security. K never stands up until the end. “I’m Rahhhsheeda, I rap like Shawty Lo,” K.Michelle teases. Mimi walks out to talk to Rasheeda. “I tried,” Rasheeda said. “We never gon’ be friends.” Is that what Rasheeda calls trying? Ariane eventually comes outside too and can’t believe this happened at a house warming. “Oh my god, it’s a housewarming.What the hell?” They all agree it should’ve gone down differently.

Scrappy is stressed about the situation his mom put him in with Shay. “You got a granddaughter with Erica, not with her. It ain’t, ain’t nothing coming out of that, ain’t nothing coming from it, ain’t nothing gon’ happen,” he tells his mom. Momma Dee lies and tells Scrappy he ran across Shay in the street, but of course he’s not buying that. “It sound like you lying already.” Even Scrappy thinks she has taken this prince of the south thing a little too far. He tells her they’re going to have a family dinner with her, Erica, him and Erica’s mom Mignon. Good idea or no?

“You look beautiful and I miss you and I want to see my baby,” he tells Mimi after she finally agrees to meet him. Mimi wants to set a schedule for him to see Eva. She’s not going to keep him from his daughter but since he’s not in her life anymore he can’t see them anytime he wants. “Where do you live?” he asks. “You seeing somebody?” “Stevie I’m doing me,” she says. Mimi gives him the silent treatment because it’s none of his business. “Where do you live?” he asks again. “I live in Atlanta.” “Well you know I’ll find out where it is. I ain’t trippin’.” Stevie’s living that creep life.

Over dinner Rasheeda runs down why she’s cleaning candle wax off her jewelry. “If I wanted to be gay I’d be gay,” Kirk said responding to K.Michelle’s constant accusations that Kirk’s gay. “Her picking up s— and throwing it at you, that s— is a no-go.” Now he thinks he has to step in because he doesn’t want his wife getting hurt.

“Why you coming up in here looking like Malcolm X?” Joseline asks Stevie. She just got off stage and made a quick $7500–without Stevie. Stevie’s looking for the money, but since he didn’t book the gig Joseline has no dough for him. “Act like a f—– manager and then maybe your a– will get paid. And give me my f—- contract.” “If I don’t get my money, we got a problem,” Stevie J says. Joseline calls his bluff. “What you gon’ do?” Joseline snaps on him, puts her finger to his cheek and walks off leaving Stevie without a penny, and looking like [blank] from Sugar Hill. “Coming in here looking like a turtle,” Joseline vents to her friend Dawn. She is absolutely sick of Stevie.

K.Michelle apologizes to Mimi for “waxing” Rasheeda at her house. Mimi is unmoved. “But K, it seems like there’s a pattern,” Mimi says. “You’re so angry.” K.Michelle gets why Mimi thinks that but doesn’t agree. Well Mimi wants to know can she have a conversation with Rasheeda. “Never. That bitch is ghost.” Mimi still wants K.Michelle to learn how to make better decisions in handling situations. “Don’t you ever in your life, I don’t give a damn who come in that godd— door,disrespect my f—-g house like that,” Mimi said.

When old enemies meet for a walk in the park some gossip is going to be shared. Joseline tells Karlie Redd about how fed up she is with Stevie’s controlling ways. “Most of the talented people be crazy,” Joseline said which gives Karlie an open door to talk about Benzino. According to Karlie he wants to still date and of course sex. “Hold up. You know he told me he f—- you,” Karlie says. Isn’t running her mouth what got her in trouble last season? Joseline’s response to that, “I need somebody with a neck.” She claims she can’t do nothing with a short man. Karlie preceeds to tell Joseline that Benzino showed her a tape of her playing with herself. “That’s a lie,” Joseline said referring to having sex with Benzino. “Benzino, you don’t have enough money to f— me.” “That’s a messy a– n—.” Karlie said. Karlie’s the pot calling the kettle black with this whole “messy” business.

Mignon and Momma Dee show up to Scrappy and Erica’s home for their family dinner. They pray over the food first and that’s the best idea anyone’s had. As soon as prayer is over the gloves come off. The conversation starts off civil as Erica’s mom talks directly to Scrappy about why she doesn’t believe they’re going to marry. Erica’s mom is only looking out for her daughter since she’s seen the cheating, the other women and the multiple breakups. “Look how many times your mother’s disrespected me and continues to disrespect me,” Erica jumps in. Erica thinks Scrappy has no right to be mad at her mom for not believing in their relationship when his mom is wild disrespectful to her. “She don’t know her place, and that’s where the error is right now,” Erica continued.

From there things get wild. The arguing leads to Erica jumping up from the table, getting in Scrappy’s face and him pushing her. Once he pushed her she looses it. She pushes him back. He flips the food off the table. Security steps in. “You might as well take that ring off,” Scrappy says. Despite Scrappy telling Momma Dee to get in the car she tries to get pass security yelling, “My son by his self [sic].” Erica’s yelling “Take her out my house. Take her out my house.” Scrappy packs his clothes and calls Erica a b*tch after she called him a b*tch for leaving to go live with his mom. He refuses to leave the house until he gets his engagement ring back. Meanwhile Erica pulls off in her red Benz. Momma Dee and Scrappy are committed to camping out until she returns with the ring. This family dinner was supposed to solve some of their drama, not create more of it. Probably not one of Scrappy’s better ideas although his intentions were good.