Love And Hip Hop Atlanta: Best Moments Of The Season So Far

Allow us to do a quick humble brag. There’s no show on TV right now like Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. It dominates social media on Monday nights. We can’t get enough of Joseline. K.Michelle keeps us with an aching side from laughing so hard. Simply put, it’s crazy dope TV.

A clusterf*ck of epicness has gone down in just three episodes. We’ll list out what those moments, don’t worry. Think back to the supertrailer seeing the intensity in all the drama you’d witness this season. Not even half way through the season and season two has over-delivered on greatness. Mimi’s getting buck–finally. Joseline’s reading like no other. K.Michelle’s still funny. Erica’s ready to whoop a*s. All together it’s one big pot of gold. Take a stroll down (short term) memory lane with these best moments of the season thus far.

Mimi sharing sheets with Stevie

Did anyone really think Mimi was done with Stevie? Yeah, no. Staying at Stevie’s house temporarily for their daughter shocked absolutely no one.

Momma Dee and Shay starting some mess

Momma Dee has taken a page out of Rihanna’s “no f*cks given” book. She’s riding with Shay and will make sure Shay is back in her son’s arms.

Joseline loves to have sex

Joseline didn’t hesitate to announce on radio that she’s single. It didn’t stop there with Miss Hernandez, baby. She asks Benzino if he has someone to hook her up with because she loves to have sex. How can you not love her candidness?

Ariane and K.Michelle kissy kissy

K.Michelle was ready to go in and let have. But when she’s sipping on margaritas it’s hard to stay mad at a friend who’s so damn pretty. Instead of fighting Ariane and K.Michelle kiss on the lips to make up. Team estrogen all day. Awesome way for them to stick the middle finger up to the guy that was the issue.

“Hey Maid”

“Hey Maid. I see you got on yo’ maid outfit like you always do.” Enough said.

Joseline (thinks she) breaks up with Stevie

Lovely speech. Truly it was. But Stevie J isn’t going anywhere. And neither is she.

“Microwavable bitches”

What an introduction to DJ Traci Steele. “These b*tches are microwavable b*tches,” she said. “You pop them and keep it moving.” So what about stove top b*tches? Is that a real thing too?

K.Michelle with the killer shade

Tongue warring with K.Michelle is not something you want to do. DANGER ZONE: K.Michelle’s will roast you like a marshmallow over fire during a camping trip. In comforting her friend Mimi she basically said Joseline sleeps on a raw mattress. #bedwithoutsheets

Shay living that creep life

Who pops up at the studio on another chick’s man? It’s very disrespectful, but mostly just thirsty. We wish a chick would!

“You know I can find you, right?”

Run, Mimi, run. He can find you, believe that. Stevie J is out here like Shay living that creep life.

“I’m Rahsheeeeeda, I rap like Shawty Lo.”

Yes, we’ve referenced this quote a milli times. We truly can’t get over it because it was so funny. Rasheeda probably laughed as soon as she exited the apartment. Now a lot went on in this candle waxing scene. But that was by far one of the funniest moments of the night.

Karlie Redd being, well, Karlie Redd

Karlie Redd was one of those kids who had to burn her hand on the stove to finally realize it was hot. You’d tell her repeatedly, but she never got the lesson. Third episode in and Karlie’s still running her mouth by telling Joseline that Benzino said he smashed. Sometimes saying nothing is best. In Karlie’s case it’s usually best.

Erica tells Momma Dee she won’t jump off

Lawd. That’s a lot of pent up frustration when you tell someone’s mother they’ll pop off, but won’t jump off. You can’t fight your fiance’s mom. But Momma Dee has done some low down dirty deeds. This whole scene was shocking and sad.

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