Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2 Beefs

“Fight with K.Michelle for camera time was the strategy for this season,” K.Michelle tweeted. Getting extra camera time aside, K’s not the only one with beef. There’s a little tofu and stir fry in the mix, but the beef is especially tasty.

Who’s beefing with who? Who had beef but made amends? Who may potentially end up beefing in the near future? It’s hard to keep up! K.Michelle’s beef list is the longest by far including who she’s made amends with. Can we even call Erica’s never ending quarrel with Momma Dee a legitimate beef since Momma Dee is old enough to be her mother? In love and war hip-hop the rivalries are bound to be abundant. And so you can keep up with it all, we’ve compiled beefs, whose made up and predictions of who hasn’t beefed but will. This will be ongoing as the season gets juicier, so be sure to check back for the latest updates. It’s getting real in these streets.


K.Michelle and Ariane

Sleeping with your homegirl’s ex is basically the quickest way to end a friendship. To add insult to injury you definitely don’t blast it on the radio without telling your friend.  K.Michelle still doesn’t think Ariane realizes why this was wrong.

K.Michelle and Rasheeda
Teasing Kirk had Rasheeda heated. She walked up on K.Michelle as if she wanted to fight, but instead was waxed with a candle. It’s safe to assume they’ll never be friends.

K.Michelle and Kirk
We get it. Kirk wants to be the good husband and protect his wife. But nothing good will come of him approaching K. Men should stay out of women’s beefs.

K.Michelle and Karlie Redd
Karlie Redd being hit was the restaurant’s silverware isn’t going to keep her from letting her problems with K.Michelle go. So her bright idea is to make a diss record and add fuel to already lit fire.

Mimi and Joseline

At this point is there really a beef? Both women will be in Stevie’s lives. They’ll continue to throw jabs at one another, but it’ll never go further than that. Moving right along…

Erica and Momma Dee
Erica went HAM on Momma Dee at the dinner table. Moma Dee seems to have no interest at all in smoothing things over with her daughter-in-law to be. But Scrappy doesn’t want any problems so the ladies will have to figure it out.

Who Made Up

K.Michelle and Ariane
Ending a friendship over a guy is rarely worth it. A little kiss on the lips and they were back thick as thieves.

Predicted Beefs

Mimi and K.Michelle
K.Michelle thinks Mimi’s new man is gay, Mimi approaches K about it and K.Michelle made Mimi “smell the flowers.” Tune in to see how that will unfold.

Joseline and Benzino
Karlie Redd done started some mess by telling Joseline that Benzino said he’s had sex with her. Now Joseline is going to have Stevie J check him.

Stevie J and Benzino
Joseline’s his woman and Benzino’s his friend. Stevie can’t have his homie going around saying he smashed his girl, if what Karlie is saying is true.

Joseline and random chick Stevie’s “working with”
Once again Stevie wants Joseline to work with a new artist he’s trying to put on. Joseline ain’t having it.

Traci Steele and K.Michelle
K.Michelle thinks Traci’s an opportunist. Traci thinks K.Michelle needs to Google the definition. We think they’d actually get along.

Karlie and Benzino
Karlie ran her mouth, Benzino says he didn’t say it, Karlie gets mad. All of this could’ve been avoided if Karlie had done one thing.

Predicted Make Ups

Mimi and K.Michelle
One thing about K.Michelle is she knows when she’s wrong. These two have to make it right.

Stevie J and Benzino
Men can fight and talk an hour later after they’ve cooled off. Unless Benzino’s really hurt we can see them moving past this.