Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 4 – ‘You Gon Check This N***** Or What?’

It’s hard to not like a woman who makes you laugh in the way K.Michelle does. Every week on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta K’s slick and witty mouth can make even a prude laugh to the point of tears.

Erica went from 0 to 120 on Scrappy and Momma Dee during what was supposed to be a dinner that resolved some ongoing issues. Scrappy decides he has to talk to his mom about forgiving Erica for snapping. “When you checked me she felt like it was the gate open to, ’I can go in on his mama,'” said Momma Dee. “She went HAM, but she didn’t call you out your name,” Scrappy says. Momma Dee can’t believe Scrappy wants her to let it slide. “She comes with the s— first…she’s a disrespectful bitch, Scrappy.” Scrappy’s mom wants the best for him in an overbearing, can’t let go type of way. Finally Scrappy’s letting her know he’s his own man. “Just have my back way in the back, you feel me? Hollering distance, ya feel me?” Maybe Scrappy could set her up on a date.

Stevie J has Joseline stressed to the max so she has some chocolate and tea to soothe her mind. Joseline thinks
without her he will have nothing in her eyes she has the upper hand. “Looking like boo boo the fool with them ugly glasses on,” Joseline says about him to Dawn. Dawn wants Stevie to be able to separate the business from personal, especially when  they’re in public.”If I have sex with him it’s a problem, if I don’t it’s another problem,” Joseline explains. Joseline doesn’t know what to do. He’s driving me crazy because I think he’s crazy.”

K.Michelle invited Mimi over to talk about her “hot pocket.” “I have a drinking problem when it comes to sex. I have a broke hot pocket,” K.Michelle said. Girl, what? Apparently the last guy K.Michelle was dating was hitting all the right spots, and now when she meets someone new she has to have some Jack just to get her in the mood. “This is the first dude EVER that I’ve gone hard for.” K’s going to go to the doctor to get a certified expertise on what Mimi summed up in 30 seconds. “Ain’t nothing wrong with that thang it’s just you like somebody and you want  him back and that’s the issue.” BOOM! K.Michelle has a song for this. “My coochie don’t work no more/it’s broke. It’s numb.” Mimi has some news of her own. She’s made an old friend a new friend. There’s no drama with the new guy she’s dating and she’s happy. Stevie’s somehwere plotting to take his spot back.

It’s time for Erica and Scrappy to make up as they normally do. Asking for his ring back was nothing new to Erica since he does this every time they get into an argument. What Erica won’t let go of is her feeling like he chose his mom over her. “We all could’ve handled it differently,” Scrappy says. “We’re supposed to be a team, we’re supposed to be one, and you’re supposed to have my back. I don’t feel like you did at all,” Erica tells him. Erica justifies her actions because she was in her home, plus, according to her this is a 10 year ongoing issue. Erica thinks Scrappy can keep Momma Dee from disrespecting her, Scrappy promises he can’t control his mom. Based on that Erica wants to pump the brakes on the marriage. “I don’t want to start planning a wedding until I honestly feel like you got my back,” she said.

Drew stepped to Traci with a real business plan. He’s found a location for the sneaker boutique for $5,000 a month. “I’m a hustler, baby,” he tells her. Traci thinks that all sounds fine and dandy, but she needs to see the business plan, she wants to talk to his lawyer and she wants a say so in the hiring. “You know that I have to be cautious about this,” she said. Drew doesn’t have time to wait for her to think about it. “Yes,” she says through some coughs. Traci investing 25,000 in her baby’s daddy business is going to have every man wishing he had a baby mama like Traci.

Stevie J wants to make everything right with Joseline. He sure knows how to woo a woman right back into his arms. Not only does he bring her the contract, he says he will give it to her or rip it up. And yes, there’s more, he has a new single to play for her. Joseline is not moved. “Yeah Stevie, but you can’t just be popping up on me acting like how you act. You stress me out. You do too much,” she said. Joseline tells him he doesn’t make her happy before she starts crying. Stevie doesn’t get how or why Joseline would be stressed because of him. “I want you to just leave me alone. That’s all I want,” Joseline tells him. Stevie J pours it on thick by convincing her he cares about her and only wants to make her smile. “So what is it gon’ be? Do you want to love me, you want me to love you back, or you just want to work?” he asks. “Giving me money and buying me nice things does not make me happy,” Joseline said. Cue J.Lo “My love don’t cost a thing.”

What better place to get marital advice than in Atlanta’s most popular strip club–Magic City. “She put the paws on me,” Scrappy tells Kirk. If Scrappy thought he was going to get sympathy from Kirk about Erica being mad over Momma
Dee’s disrespect, he was definitely mistaken. The consensus is that Momma Dee is too much. For anyone. “Ya mama protect you like you about 10,” Kirk says. Now that Erica wants to put a pause on the engagement he’s not feeling he should be all in. Then comes the stripper doing a split with her booty in his face. “Gotd— with yo face,” he says as he throws dollar bills on the stage. It’s going to be a long night.

Now that Joseline gave Stevie a piece of her mind it’s time to get the romance popping. As they’re in bed she tells him the tea Karlie Redd spilled about Benzino showing her the tape of Joseline playing with herself and saying he smashed. “He said he had sex with you? Why he lying on his beefcake?” Stevie’s going to holler at Benzino to see what’s up, and if Karlie’s lying Joseline said she’s going to slap her. Something in the milk ain’t clean.

Kirk drops by the studio to check K.Michelle about this incident. K.Michelle reminds Kirk that Rasheeda started the entire situation by claiming to not believe her domestic abuse situation. “I opened up to that girl. I never wanted to do nothing to Rasheeda. I liked Rasheeda as a person.” Kirk gets it, but he’s not here for his wife getting hands put on her. “Hurting Rasheeda, that can’t happen,” he said. K doesn’t take to him barking orders too kindly. “I got goons too, what you mean?” Kirk couldn’t get a word in after K got animated. “Touch Rasheeda and you will not walk the streets of Atlanta,” he finally says. “I respect you and your tutu,” she said. One thing for sure, that darn K.Michelle will make a song out of anything.

Stevie J and Joseline roll up to the Hip Hop Weekly office to ask Benzino if he said he smashed Joseline. “We got too much history to be talking he say/she say,” Benzino said calmly. Joseline wants direct answers. “So you didn’t tell Karlie Redd that you had sex with me?” “I’m not gonna sit here and entertain no dumb s—,” he said. Benzino doesn’t answer the question, which gets Joseline hot. “You gon’ check this n—-a or what?” she asks Stevie. “Why would I want to f— a prostitute?” Benzino says. “If you can’t control her then what you with her for?” Benzino said. Benzino’s heated that Stevie’s taking Joseline’s side. He warns Stevie that Joseline runs her mouth too much and is going to get him in trouble. “So we ain’t brothers no more,” Benzino said.

Traci stops by Drew’s house to drop off the check for the investment. When he takes forever to open the door she  starts knocking like the police. “What the hell? Why it took you so long to answer the door?” she asks. When he flips the script asking her if she’d let him in if he showed up unannounced she responds, “Yes, if you had a 25 thousand dollar check, hell yeah I would let you in.” “You’re not supposed to show up to my door,” he tells her. “You’re right I’m not supposed to show up to your door with 25 thousand dollars to invest in your f—-g business,” she said. Traci’s heated now and blames his random women for always affecting something they have going on. “You’re not supposed to show up to my house. That’s the bottomline,” he said.

When the unnamed woman starts to speak up Traci goes HAM.”These b— don’t open they mouth. You train these b—. They don’t open they f—-g mouth.” Traci leaves and Drew runs out of the house after her. “I’m supposed to be your family,” Traci says. “Right and my family comes first,” Drew says. “We never come first.” Traci reiterates that she doesn’t want him teaching her son that having a lot of women is ok. She rips up the check after he says what he does on his own time is his own business. “I remember one time we was in the airport and Drewsey called me Megan…my son should never call me another woman name,” she said. He threatens to go on tour again if she doesn’t invest in his business. “You think I want a baby mama?” he asked after she laments about being a baby mama. They have a long road of co-parenting ahead if Traci’s going to spazz every time she sees him with another woman.

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