Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 5 – ‘I’ll Knock Your B*tch A** Out’

K.Michelle was on to something last season when she said Karlie was too messy for her liking. And Joseline’s finally had enough of Karlie’s mouth too. It gets real when you push the Puerto Rican princess too far.

Traci and Drew had a four year relationship she thought would result in marriage, which explains her emotions seven years later. But his concern is Traci popping up over his house unannounced then causing a scene. “In order for that to not happen again we need to establish some rules,” he said. She wants him to admit he cheated while she was pregnant. “What is your definition of cheating?” he asks. While he’ll admit to “seeing” and “entertaining” other women he says he didn’t sleep with any of them. Traci’s recollection is a little bit different. “I’m six months pregnant, women are texting me,” she said. “Women came from the left to the right and it drove me crazy.” Traci feels she deserves to never have to deal with another woman again. “You know we haven’t been together in seven years, right?” he reminds her. His main order of business is getting the money. Traci, girl, keep your eye on this one.

Mimi looks happy with Nikko, the new guy she’s dating. “I’ve got some baggage,” she tells him. Her baggage? Stevie J. At least Mimi kept it honest from jump so there’s no surprises. Nikko’s a producer so Mimi has her doubts, but she’s going with her gut and intuition this time. She’s feeling good about Nikko.

Erica went through Scrappy’s phone only to find “It was good seeing you” and “I miss you” texts from other women. Erica’s bothered because he promised her she wouldn’t have to deal with these type of scenarios. “Once you go looking for something you gon’ find it,” he told her. “It’s like an emotional roller coaster,” Erica says. She’s tired of trying to build back her trust in him only to keep finding out he’s being untruthful. She shows him her ring finger minus the ring to let him know she’s serious. “I’ve taken it off and I haven’t put it back on.” Erica’s done and breaks up with Scrappy. Cue R.Kelly’s “When a woman’s fed up…”

K.Michelle is getting her vagina bedazzled to wake it up. “Girl, I know what’s wrong with her,” Mimi said. “She’s stuck on this one man and that’s her little kitty cat’s problem as well.” She refuses to use lube, but she’ll pour salt around the bed. “You pour salt around the bed to keep the sex demons away.” Mimi and Ariane think K’s crazy. “You putting roots on n—-s. That’s what’s wrong with you? You trying to put roots and s— on people,” Ariane said. “It ain’t working,” Mimi said. And don’t forget about the ammonia you’re supposed to clean the house with after sex and before the sun comes up. K, girl, no.

Kirk talks to Benzino about Rasheeda getting on Karlie Redd’s diss track since Benzino has dealt with Karlie first hand. “Financially it’ll help,” Kirk said. He admits there’s trouble in their marriage–the same one Rasheeda’s always bragging about. Benzino’s quite the advice giver this season. Looks like he’s auditioning Kirk for the new BFF spot that Stevie J left open.

To celebrate Joseline’s international record deal Stevie treats her to chocolate covered strawberries and champagne in a downtown Atlanta hotel room. Joseline’s happy with the deal, but she wants Stevie to love her right. “I brought you a long way in a short time,” Stevie says. “That’s not good enough for me,” Joseline replies. Stevie pulls out a wad of cash and says that’s what he equates love to. Money over everything. “Be a man and love me like you’re supposed to,” Joseline said. He hears her, but is he listening?

Stevie’s going to get in trouble with Shay-mac. Working with her isn’t going to sit well with his #1 woman. She has her own ideas in mind about making some real songs with substance. She’s demanding.  “Tone it all down,” he said. Stevie’s such a pimp he tells her to tone her energy where it needs to be. “Get your mind right, get your body right.” She wasn’t feeling the body comment so of course she had to show him her breasts and booty are real. “Your mouth is going to get you in trouble.” It sure is, especially when Miss Joseline finds out what’s going on.


Kirk’s trying to convince Rasheeda to consider doing the diss record since they need the money. Rasheeda is not rushing to jump on a Karlie record. No shade. She wants her online apparel store to branch into a physical location in Atlanta, but Kirk explains to her a store requires a mortgage, lights, paying employees and more. Rasheeda wants him to pump his breaks on shelling out tens of thousands of dollars for his brother when they need to secure their future for later. His answer to everything is her doing the song. “This is called the entertainment business. You’re here to entertain.”

Ladies night is supposed to be about the girls meeting Nikko. Unfortunately, Erica had to break the news to them about her and Scrappy. “Don’t be going through no phone girl,” Ariane said. Erica said she had every right to. “You not just committed to me,” Erica says of Scrappy. “You committed to every gotd*** body.” The girls were really rooting for them. Nikko walks in to meet all the ladies. They jump right in with their requests and questions. “I really love her. I just want to make sure this not no Stevie repeat,” K tells him. Nikko toasts to Mimi’s happiness and invites the women to a video shoot. So far #teamNikko is looking mighty strong.

Benzino goes to the studio to find out why Karlie’s lying on him. Karlie is sticking by her story that he showed her the tape of Joseline in their New York City hotel. “You even tried to tape me that day and I was like, ’don’t tape me.'” Benzino claims he has a tape of the two of them having sex to which she agreed. “You told me to at the house,” Benzino said. Forget about that Karlie has a point to prove. “Joseline was touching her p***y. You showed it to me!” Benzino denies it, which infuriates Karlie. She finally throws a pair of headphones at him. “This situation got us to a place we’ve never been,” Benzino said about him and Stevie J. “Leave my name out your mouth and I’ll do the same.” Who knows who is telling the truth. But Benzino’s take is this,”See what y’all don’t  understand is that you don’t feed into Karlie Redd’s bullsh*t because you’ll come out stinking.”

Stevie J runs into Shay-Mac at the club while she’s bartending. Her mouth has gotten slicker and louder. All liquored up she claims Joseline looks like a porn star, but she was certainly singing a different tune to Joseline’s face. “Is this the Puerto Rican princess?” she asks. Joseline can’t be bothered, she waved, but that wasn’t good enough for Shay-Mac who was so eager to meet Joseline. “Calm down, why you all up on me?” Joseline said. “Listen, I don’t talk to the help.” Shorty is acting a fool in the club meanwhile Joseline hit her with one quick one liner and kept it moving.

Rasheeda had to get it off her chest to someone. Her period is two months late. “I think I’m pregnant,” she said. When she says she’s two months late Erica said, “Whoa Rasheeda.” Rasheeda knows this isn’t the best time seeing as how their main issues are kids and money. “We need some kind of breakthrough.” She finally goes to the doctor for confirmation of her pregnancy. “I feel happy, but stressed at the same time.” She’s hoping for another boy. Telling Kirk can go one of two ways.

Stevie J met up with Karlie Redd to figure out why she’s starting so much mess. “That’s why you’re a zero in this industry right now because you just don’t care,” Stevie tells her. When Joseline comes in she points to Karlie and says, “I’m sick of you h*. What this bitch doing in here?” It’s got really real super fast. Karlie changes her story to say Benzino said he used to “see” Joseline, which could mean anything. When Stevie tells her she has to watch what she says she is having none of it. “I ain’t got to watch s—.” Karlie gets riled up and starts talking crazy to Joseline. Joseline finally stands up after Karlie kept yelling. “Let me tell you something old bitch, I’m not the bitch to f— with ’cause I’ll knock your b— ass out h*,” she said. Joseline goes to pick something up to knock her out. The Puerto Rican princess has had enough.

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