Love And Hip Hop NY Vs. Atlanta According To Mimi And Erica

Ever thought, ’Hmmm. Who has the better booty between Joseline and Tahiry?’ Love and Hip Hop New York and Love and Hip Hop Atlanta have staunch differences. Erica and Mimi have answers to which cast member from ATL vs. NY wins in various categories.

Both Raqi and Karlie Redd made their fair share of enemies. Mimi wants to give it to Raqi. “She was creating enemies with ev-ery-body,” she said. Mimi thinks they’re in the same boat. Both K.Michelle and Tahiry found themselves shaking the table. Mimi and Erica give the award for shaking the table the best to Tahiry. “She knocked everything off. Joe had food and drink all over,” Mimi said. See who else won the NY vs. ATL challenge according to Erica and Mimi.

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