Love And Hip Hop Atlanta – Episode 8 – ‘Catch The MARTA’

A good trip has never constituted of being smacked in the face with flowers. Never. Shay and Scrappy tend to their unfinished business, which didn’t end with the white picket fence Shay envisioned. Kirk has still lost his everlasting mind and Mimi may be done with K.Michelle for good. Just another day in the lives of the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta clique.

“I think this was a great f—–g trip,” Ariane tells Mimi. Sarcasm much? “It wasn’t great,” Mimi said. “I’ve had many great trips, but this wasn’t one of them.” Mimi tells Ariane she feels like she’s straddling the fence, and since they’ve been friends for nine years she wants Ariane to straight up take her side. “I know where my loyalty is,” Ariane said. Mimi asks for Ariane’s opinion on Nikko. Ariane, just like K.Michelle, does not think he’s the one for Mimi. “I’m happy right now,” Mimi said. At least for now.

Shay has no qualms about being the run-back chick, basically the chick Scrappy runs to when things are rocky between him and Erica. Rubbing him down with baby oil makes her feel like she’s won some type of prize. “I miss the friendship,” Scrappy said. They’ve come to the conclusion sex ruined what they had. “I think the sausage get in the way.” Shay, girl, cash out. You look absolutely foolish.

When Joseline and Stevie are getting along they work well together. “Make sure they ain’t covering none of that assterpiece,” Stevie says during Joseline’s mostly naked photo shoot. Stevie wants Joseline to make things right with Che Mack. “F— that bitch,” Joseline said. Eventually she admits she was wrong for snuffing Che. “I don’t want no shenanigans out of you,” Joseline says after agreeing to apologize. “And let me find out you smashing her. And I’mma smash your f—-g head open.” She gives him one last piece of advice. “I’m serious Stevie. You need to keep your d*ck in your pants.”

Ariane said she wasn’t straddling the fence, but she went straight to the studio to talk to K.Michelle. First K.Michelle had to check Ariane for bringing Mimi to her show. “Nothing was going to be solved with me and Mimi that night. Period.” Ariane feels K owes Mimi an apology, but K.Michelle doesn’t feel the same way. “I bopped her with the flowers ’cause that was like a ’Bitch wake up’ slap.” Ariane is still trying to get K to admit her wrong in the situation and K’s not here for any of it. In her eyes Mimi attacked her personally so the friendship is over. “First she go from Stevie, she go from his bus, now she on the pink bus.” The pink bus, K? Ariane is going to have to stop trying to be the peacemaker. It’s not working out in her favor. Like, ever.

Traci was just having lunch with Shay and now she’s on a play date with Erica. The one thing about Traci is she doesn’t say anything bad about the other when she’s with the ladies separately. Erica, however, does bring up Shay after telling her her engagement is off. “Speaking of the popcorn h*s, you were with one,” Erica reminds her. “Shay.” Erica’s problem with Shay is that she knew about their relationship, but continued messing around with him anyone. Erica let’s her know she will be having a conversation with Shay.

Kirk shows up to Rasheeda’s photo shoot being a jerk. Girl, Rasheeda, we would understand if you snapped on him. We really would. Kirk’s griping about the photoshoot looking like it’s over budget. According to Rasheeda’s glance at the business account there was more than enough money to cover the shoot the way she sees fit. “But if I tell you to wait you wait,” Kirk says with a raised voice. When she tells him she obviously couldn’t wait too long because she’d be too big from the pregnancy he blames her for the umpteenth time. “I really have doubts about it anyway,” he says to Rasheeda. This has just turned into an episode of Maury. “Well doubt all you want with your smart mouth,” Rasheeda said. “You think that sh*t’s funny?” Kirk doesn’t know how to let well enough alone. What in the world is he going through? “At the end of the day, that right there will need a blood test,” he said. The fact that Rasheeda could sit in his face while he talked that nonsense to her makes Rasheeda a saint. Because chile…Kirk continues, “The great thing for you is you’re at a stage where you can X that right there out the picture.” Rasheeda finally has had enough and tells him he needs to leave. Of course he doesn’t. Keep your head up, Rasheeda.

Joseline agreed to apologize to Che Mack and she’s a woman of her word. She’s in good spirits and doesn’t hesitate to apologize. “I know you probably hate me. I like your foxy fur,” Joseline says to Che. One thing about Joseline is she knows when she’s wrong. “I apologize for doing that. That was my bad. I’m sorry.” Joseline lets Che know it’s not that he can’t work with other people, but she wants her music done first. “If I was messing around with him I wouldn’t still be around,” Che said. Why oh why didn’t she leave it at that? Che spills the tea that Stevie bought her a TV when her house was broken into. “You got her a TV?” Joseline asked Stevie. Now Joseline’s pissed. She keeps her cool, but leaves them at the restaurant.

Mimi and Erica go to a priestess who reads tarot cards. The priestess tells Mimi she knows she has doubts about a current relationship. She elaborates that she’s trying to rebuild something from the past. “This is a foolish decision,” the priestess said referring to Nikko. Mimi asks about K.Michelle as well to which the priestess concludes K.Michelle doesn’t really care for her. We’re just going to leave that there.

Shay’s crying the blues with Traci over pedicures. She wants to be done with Scrappy now that she’s had sex with him a couple of times. But of course she claims she can’t because she’s “penismatized.” Traci wants her to get it through her thick head that she needs to just move on. Shay is trying to figure out how she’s going to finally just cut it off.

Mimi is not really feeling Nikko since she went to see the priestess. When he says, “I think I’ve been coaching you,” she immediately cuts him off. This sounds like another bus ordeal and Mimi’s not about that life. “Coaching me?” she asks. “Your word play sometimes is so f—-d up,” she tells him. He half apologized. “You’ve been riding on my train,” he says which makes things even worse. “Let’s not go there with the trains and the buses and the f—g jets,” she said. Mimi’s starting to feel what her girls are saying. He ain’t the one.

Shay’s cutting up some fruit for Scrappy when she ushers him over for the big talk. When she asks where he stands with Erica right now he says “Unfortunately, we’re done.” When a man says “unfortunately” to a relationship ending there’s still love there. Why Shay doesn’t get that no one will ever know. He tells Shay to her face that his and Erica’s bond is basically unbreakable. “You use the friend card with me a lot,” Shay says. “We wasn’t sexing as no friends.” Shay’s starting to get mad and reminds him that he didn’t even give her a heads up that he was going to propose. “We was just f—-g six days before you proposed homeboy.” Scrappy denies it. He’s also tired of apologizing for the same thing. “I don’t even want to be nothing no more,” Shay said. “I don’t want to be nothing either,” Scrappy replies. He’s not really moved. As he leaves her house he says, “How’d you get your house?” Shay’s not letting him have credit for that. “Me and the Lord. God himself.” She slams the door on Scrappy outside looking in.

Joseline only meets up with Stevie J to break up with him. “What you not gon’ do, you not gon’ play me,” she tells him. As she’s trying to break loose from him he starts throwing it in her face that he owns her music and that’s he’s working with a new artist. “Your project was done before it was started.” Stevie J fights dirty. When she tells him he’s never done anything for her he responds, “You were a prostitute when I met you.” Joseline isn’t phased and calls him a bitch. He rips up the contract and throws it at her. Joseline goes to leave and he tells her everything on her body is fake. As she’s getting in the car she tells him, “Now walk home, bitch. Catch the MARTA.” We’re in  tears over that one line. Joseline is too funny.

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