Harris Hustle: The Best Of T.I.’s Fatherly Lessons From Season Two

As we continue our three-day celebration of T.I. this Father’s Day Weekend, we’re giving you some of the best parenting tips the Trouble King can offer, as seen on our very own T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle. From encouraging little ones to face their fears to spelling out the fundamentals of capitalism, Tip takes every opportunity to help his children get better and brighter. Make Tip proud by watching his best teaching moments from Season Two of The Family Hustle.

1. Structured Discipline, And The Things That Big Boys Do

We all know how sacred the White Room is to the Harris household, thanks to umpteen reminders from Tip to “stay out.” While Little Major’s accidental art project is distressing to Tip’s aesthetics, it gives him an opportunity to teach his son about the importance of owning up to one’s mistakes and accepting the requisite punishment. As a father, it’s his job to enforce structured discipline in order to eliminate chaos and ensure his money stays out of the toilet. Warning: Proceed with caution, because there’s no coming back to life after you see Major’s crying face. (We’re crying for you, Maj!)

2. Get Knocked Down And Get Back Up

Acknowledging his children have a comfortable life, Tip takes his boys and girls to the boxing ring to teach them the art of self defense, as well as what it literally feels like to fight for something.

3. Make Your Own Money

In hopes of helping his children become financially independent, T.I. encourages his kids to set up a lemonade stand outside of Tiny’s Nail Bar. Nelly comes along for the ride, providing suggestions as to how the group can improve their marketing strategy. In the end, Tip is especially impressed with King’s entrepreneurial hustle. Like father, like son.

4. Take Care of Your Body

Following the spirit of Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign, Tip shuttles his entire family to the track to undergo the Presidential Fitness Challenge. Making them sweat and struggle around to touch their toes isn’t purely for his own entertainment, it’s to teach them to honor their bodies and put their health first. Follow this advice kids, and you might have abs like daddy one day.

5. Follow Your Dreams, And Face Your Fears

Tip brings the whole family to the skate park to support Domani’s attempt at mastering the ramp. “The simple truth is, you never know how good you are until you finally have reached your threshold of limitations,” he explains. “Therefore, I encourage him to fall.” Ball? We didn’t think so. Despite his hesitation to drop in (and the chorus of hecklers complaining about having to wait until he does) Tip’s son conquers his fear and stays on his feat. “You see I know I can be hard sometimes, but I push because I know my kids are capable of doing great things,” Pops concludes.

Stick around VH1 Blog, VH1 Celebrity and VH1 Tuner this weekend as we salute King Tip and his fatherly wisdom by unveiling a slew of exclusive interviews, video content, never-before-seen photos, and T.I. performances. It all culminates in a 7-hour on-air marathon of The Family Hustle on Sunday at 12 pm ET/PT.

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