What Else Did The Psychic Priestess Tell Mimi About Nikko?

Remember when Mimi and Erica went to see the priestess who told her to let her relationship with Nikko die like a plant with no water? That wasn’t all the priestess had to say about Mimi’s new man.

During girl talk the threesome catch Mimi up to speed on K.Michelle’s birthday party fiasco to which Mimi is amused. Ariane, of course, uses this as her opportunity to suggest to Mimi that she make up with K. “Girl please,” Mimi stops her. “Some things you just can’t come back from.” On matters of the heart–both friendship and love–Erica reminds her what the priestess said. Ariane’s in the dark and wants all the details.

What we didn’t hear on episode eight was everything the priestess had to say about Nikko. Mimi admits that the priestess was on to something. Apparently they’ve had a few issues with his ex calling him that made Mimi raise her eyebrow. The priestess told Mimi “that there was one particular woman that he’d been dealing with for years and the girl still considers herself with him.” Ariane has an ’I told you so’ moment since she is all-knowing with every last one of Mimi’s relationships. Ariane be knowing (yes, be knowing). Watch what else Mimi confesses the priestess revealed.

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