Happy Thanksgiving: 5 VH1 Shows We Are Thankful For (And Plan To Watch All Weekend)

As we get ready to fill our stomachs with turkey and mashed potatoes (and maybe some yams and cornbread), we wanted to look back on the shows that made us laugh, cry and gasp this past year. We, here at VH1, can definitely say we are thankful for all the shows that air on our channel, especially the ones listed below. Where would we be without K. Michelle’s ever-evolving fashion, T.I.’s parenting tips, Rob and Tim’s choral skills or the exes of Hollywood? If you’re like us and will need a break from all the food (and family drama), then grab your iPad and enjoy a mini-marathon of these VH1 shows this holiday weekend.

Hollywood Exes

Thought there wasn’t life after breaking away from one of the world’s biggest celebrities? Think again. The ladies from Hollywood Exes are all about finding strength, forging new paths, and carving out their own places in the spotlight. The fashions are too stunning to be believed, the ladies are always hitting up L.A.’s hottest restaurants, and thankfully for fans, there’s just enough drama to keep it a little crazy! Rahsheeda Ali

(Want to catch up on the show? Seasons 1 and 2 are available on the VH1 app!)

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

I’m always thankful for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, but I especially love the special Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Dirty Little Secrets, which aired after season one. It’s got never-before-seen footage from the show and the first reunion, and the audition tapes from the core cast, which is one of my favorite things ever. Watching the cast and crew watch some of the craziest moments and adding their behind-the-scenes commentary is priceless, and no one enjoys watching this show more than Joseline herself. —Liz Black

(Want to re-watch the special? It and all the Love & Hip Hop shows are available on the VH1 app!)

Off Pitch

Off Pitch was anything but. The show, which followed a community show choir as they toured the Midwest, hit all the right notes. It was cute, quirky, adorkable and hilarious. The show had all the rights amount of Glee without all those obnoxious pregnancy subplots. I’m extremely thankful for the joy the choir’s co-directors, Rob and Tim, brought into my life and they way they took care of their singers as if they were their own kids. —Stacy Lambe

(Want to catch up on Off Pitch? The entire series is available on Hulu+!)

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle

It’s hard not to like the way the Harris parents Tip and Tameka dole out sage advice about following your dreams and working hard to get where you want to be. And if you come from a small family, you’ll enjoy living vicariously through this sometimes chaotic household, which always seems to have a jam-packed schedule of activities. —Emily Exton

(Can’t get enough of this delightfully dysfunctional family? All four seasons are available on the VH1 app!)

CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story

So, technically it’s not a series, but I’m incredibly thankful for CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story. The autobiographical movie not only reignited my love for ’90s memorabilia (peep those flood pants and hats 2 da back!), but the music made me want to ride down memory lane in a Jeep pumping that sound. Oh, and shout out to the cast, especially Lil’ Mama, who eerily channeled Left Eye better than any hologram ever could. Can I get an Amen? While we’re at it, can we get another biopic? I suggest Mowtown Philly: The Boyz II Men StoryCool It Now: New Edition’s Journey, or Bye Bye Bye: *NSYNC’s Rise To Fame. —Felicia Daniels

(Want to analyze every dance move from the movie? The whole thing is available on the VH1 app!)