VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Mob Wives Returns With New Blood

This week marked the long-awaited return of our favorite New Yorkers – Renee, Drita, and Big Ang – with the season premiere of Mob Wives: New Blood. With two new fresh faces added to the mix, we were excited to see the new cast in action. On the season premiere episode, Natalie makes a bad first impression in front of Big Ang and Drita while Alicia shares her opinions of the Gravano family.

On Love & Hip Hop, Erica Mena and Peter Gunz threw more than just insults at one another when Rich had them meet face to face for a business meeting while on Black Ink Crew, Puma invited Ceaser to his wedding…without a plus one. From new blood to bad blood, VH1’s primetime line-up had us revved up and ready to go! Check out our favorite moments from this past week.

Mob Wives: New Blood: Why Does Alicia Dislike Karen’s Family?

On the season premiere episode of Mob Wives: New Blood we meet two new cast members, Natalie and Alicia. After first meeting Alicia at her roaring twenties themed party in Philadelphia, Big Ang and Drita seem to really take a liking to her. Later Alicia opens up to Ang and Drita about how Karen’s father, Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, murdered Alicia’s father-in-law. Alicia then goes on to share her opinion on Karen…which isn’t very positive. Shocked by this news, Drita doesn’t know how to react. Will Alicia’s dislike of Karen and Karen’s family cause tension among the women? We cannot wait to see how this season will unfold!

Love & Hip Hop: Erica Mena vs. Peter Gunz

Last year Peter Gunz played an integral part in ending the business and personal relationship between Rich Dollaz and Erica Mena. After Rich asks Peter Gunz to join him in managing Erica Mena, Peter is reluctant and the two meeting face-to-face is a recipe for disaster. When Rich gets Erica Mena and Peter Gunz together for a business meeting, things quickly get intense when Erica and Peter start throwing insults at one another. To top it all off, Erica ends the conversation by throwing a plate at Peter’s head and claiming “You can’t handle my mouth!”.

Chrissy & Mr. Jones: The Jones Family Goes Hiking

Now that camp is over for the Summer, Pudie tells Chrissy that he wants to go hiking. Knowing that Jim will not willingly go, Pudie and Chrissy trick Jim into thinking they are going to the sneaker store. Once they arrive in the woods, Chrissy and Pudie convince Jim to go hiking so that they can enjoy nature and bond as a family. It was really sweet to see the family together taking a break from the fast-paced technological world and spending time with each other.

Black Ink Crew: Puma Invites Ceaser To His Wedding…Without A Plus One

With Puma and Ceaser’s relationship on the mend, Puma asks Quani if he can invite Ceaser to the wedding and she agrees to his request but under one condition…Dutchess cannot attend. In preparation for the wedding, Puma heads over to the barbershop to cut off his dreadlocks and while there Puma extends a wedding invitation to Ceaser…without a plus one. Because Quani has her own personal issues with Dutchess, Puma explains why Dutchess cannot attend the wedding but Ceaser is not happy with this situation. Just as Puma and Ceaser are on the road to recovery, will this request tear them apart once again?

Did Erica Mena overreact during her argument with Peter Gunz? Should Puma allow Ceaser to bring Dutchess to the wedding? Will Alicia’s dislike of Karen and her family cause problems among the other women?

Share your thoughts and comments below.

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