VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: K.Michelle and Yandy Air Out Peter Gunz’s Laundry

Secrets were a common theme on this week’s VH1 primetime line-up. On Love & Hip Hop, K.Michelle and Yandy revealed to Amina’s amazement that her husband, Peter Gunz was still sleeping with Tara. On Mob Wives: New Blood, Alicia confronted Renee about what she knows about her husband’s relationship with his longtime ex-girlfriend.

On Black Ink Crew, O’S**t failed to meet up with Kaylin when she arrived at the shop, which set her off into a whirlwind of anger while Jim gave Pudie over $1,000 in cash on Chrissy & Mr. Jones. Check out our favorite moments from this past week.

Love & Hip Hop: K.Michelle and Yandy Air Out Peter Gunz’s Dirty Laundry

We all knew Peter Gunz was shady for secretly marrying Amina while still in a relationship with Tara. However once Peter revealed that he was married to Amina, the shadiness continued as Peter continued to mess around with both women. While out celebrating her new album with Yandy, K.Michelle asks Peter about the last time he had sex with Tara. This opens a whole can of worms and Yandy announces that Tara and Peter had sex not too long ago! Shocked by this news, Amina pulls Peter aside to find out the truth. This situation just gets messier and messier…but we can’t wait to see just how messy it’s gonna get!

Chrissy & Mr. Jones: Jim Gives Pudie A Wad Of Cash

As a partner and owner of the Jr. Vamp clothing line, it’s about time Pudie has earned some money! While eating pizza, Jim gives Pudie over $1,000 (in cash!) for his earnings and help with the Jr. Vamp clothing line. Just like his father, Pudie wraps his money in a rubber band and is ready to roll. Of course, later in this episode Chrissy ridicules Jim for giving his son so much money, but let’s be honest…the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Black Ink Crew: Kaylin Is Done With O’S**t

As Walt explained to O’S**t on the beach, the only woman that should be on O’S**t’s mind right now is Kaylin. Kaylin is the only person who can really help O’S**t during his trial. When Kaylin finally returns to Harlem from Atlanta looking to meet with O’S**t, O’S**t is nowhere to be found. Walt can’t reach him and realizes that O’S**t may have just ruined any chance he had of not going to jail. When Kaylin learns that O’S**t has MIA, it’s obvious that she has had enough of his bulls***t (pun intended) and most likely won’t be helping him anytime soon. Did O’S**t just set up his own jail sentence?

Mob Wives: New Blood: Alicia Interrogates Renee

This week we learned a lot more about Alicia, her husband, and the story behind her arrest. Unlike the other Mob Wives, Alicia isn’t just married to someone involved in organized crime, she is awaiting sentencing for her own charges. Because of that, Alicia has been spending hours combing through five years of her husband’s wire-taps. When she hears conversations between her husband, his ex-girlfriend, and Renee, Alicia questions Renee about her husband’s relationships. Trying to find the answers and wondering if her husband has been unfaithful, Alicia interrogates Renee but Renee keeps her lips sealed. Is Renee hiding something?

Was Yandy wrong to blow up Peter Gunz’s spot in front of Amina? Did O’S**t mess up things with Kaylin and his trial? Should Renee tell Alicia what she knows?

Share your thoughts and comments below.

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