VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: T.I., Tiny And The Harris Family Save Santa

T.I., Tiny and the entire Harris family spread some holiday joy and cheer this week with the premiere of their animated cartoon, T.I. & Tiny: Holiday Hustle Special. In this adorably cute special, T.I., Tiny and the kids help elf Cyrus find Santa and save Christmas. Can this family get any better?

On Black Ink Crew, Ceaser broke up with Dutchess…after flying all the way to Jamaica together. On Mob Wives, Natalie’s mouth gets her into trouble once again as she calls Drita and Ang “whores” and later tells Renee’s new man that he “smells delicious”. Check out our favorite moments from this past week on VH1.

T.I. & Tiny: Holiday Hustle Special: The Harrises Defeat The Abominable Snowman

While visiting Jack Frost as part of their frantic search for Santa, T.I., Cyrus, Messiah and Major encounter the Abominable Snowman. With the help of Cyrus’ ninja-like moves, T.I. and the kids are able to easily defeat the Abominable Snowman and continue on their hunt to find Santa and save Christmas!

Chrissy & Mr. Jones: Jim Prepares A Surprise Dinner For Chrissy

As the Summer comes to an end, Jim and Chrissy head to Miami to spend their final days on vacation. While there, Jim plans to cook Chrissy a surprise dinner at the restaurant. After running back and forth between the kitchen and the table with Chrissy, Jim prepares dinner and surprises Chrissy when he reveals himself as the chef. How romantic!

Black Ink Crew: Ceaser Breaks Up With Dutchess

When Ceaser and Dutchess arrive in Jamaica for Puma’s wedding, Ceaser has had enough of Dutchess’ complaining and negative attitude. Dutchess tries to clear the air and explain how she’s feeling, but Ceaser just won’t having it. After realizing all the friendships that have been ruined because of his relationship with Dutchess, Ceaser begins thinking that Dutchess is toxic. It sounds like Ceaser has finally seen what everyone else in the shop was trying to tell him for months. Is this really the end of the King and Queen?

Mob Wives: New Blood: Natalie’s Mouth Gets Her Into Trouble

When we first met Natalie, she didn’t make the best first impression and now out with the girls again, Natalie’s drinking and her mouth get her into trouble. While Drita and Ang are dancing, Natalie calls them “whores.” Strike One. Later, when meeting Renee’s boyfriend, Natalie tells him that he “smells delicious.” Renee goes ballistic and feels extremely disrespected by Natalie. Strike Two. Clearly there is some communication barrier between this fiery South Philly girl and the rest of the Staten Island women. When will she learn the age-old lesson of think before you speak?

Is this really the end for Dutchess and Ceaser? Did Renee overreact to Natalie’s “delicious” comment? Share your thoughts and comments below.


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