VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: T.I. & Tiny, Black Ink Crew, and This Is Hot 97 Premiere

VH1 hopped right into Spring with it’s jam-packed Monday night premieres of T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, Black Ink Crew, and This Is Hot 97. On the series premiere of This Is Hot 97, Ebro announced the Hot 97 reality show to his crew, who were not very excited about the news while on the season premiere of T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, T.I. and Tiny decide to spend more time with their kids.

Black Ink Crew returned this week and picked up right where it left off with all the drama still remaining since Jamaica while on Basketball Wives LA, Brittish resolved her issues with the ladies but a rift surfaced between Draya and Brandi. Check out highlights from this past week on VH1.

This Is Hot 97: Will Kanye West Appear On The Show?

From Macklemore to Kanye West, the series premiere of This Is Hot 97 had its fair share of celebrity cameos. Unlike any other reality show we’ve seen on VH1, This Is Hot 97 presented its reality show with a side of humor. When Ebro announces that VH1 is filming a Hot 97 reality show, the crew doesn’t not seem too thrilled. Nevertheless, Ebro begins his search for finding a mega-star to appear on the first episode of their show. This series is a fresh spin on reality television and we’re excited to see how this cast of characters can make us laugh on television as they do on radio.

Basketball Wives LA: Are Draya and Brandi Friends?

During the zombie run, Draya breaks the ice among the women, which provides an opportunity for Brittish to resolve her issues with both Brandi and Malaysia. The women talk out their differences and agree to put their beef to bed until Sundy and Jackie bring up something Brandi said during their trip to Palm Springs. When Draya learns that Brandi does not consider them friends, Draya gets caught up in semantics and the two disagree on the status of their relationship. Is Draya over-reacting to Brandi’s “friendly” vs. “friends” explanation?

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle: How Well Do T.I. + Tiny Know Their Children?

Before T.I. and Tiny decided to pair off with their kids and spend some quality time together, T.I. comes up with a fun game to learn how much they really know about their children. During the game, moderated by Precious, the kids discuss things they can improve on and what they would like more from their parents. After lots of laughs, T.I. decides to spend his day with Niq Niq and Deyjah (making perfume and getting manicures) while Tiny takes Messiah, Domani, King, and Major to laser tag and bowling. We’re so happy to welcome the Harris family back into our homes and we cannot wait to see what adventures this family gets into next.

Black Ink Crew: Ceaser and Dutchess Discuss The Miscarriage

When we last saw Dutchess and Ceaser, the couple broke up as Dutchess headed home to North Carolina for heart surgery while Ceaser celebrated Puma and Quani’s wedding in Jamaica. Black Ink Crew picks up just a few months later where Dutchess returns to New York and we were surprised to learn that she had a miscarriage during her relationship with Ceaser. Now back in New York, Ceaser and Dutchess meet to discuss their relationship and the emotional toll of losing the baby. With Dutchess’ mom, Crystal, as their therapist/moderator, Dutchess and Ceaser are able to communicate with one another and they decide to get back together. Will this relationship continue to be a roller coaster ride? Only time will tell…

Are Draya and Brandi friends? Should Dutchess and Ceaser be back together? Who knows their children better – T.I. or Tiny?

Share your thoughts and comments below.

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