VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: The Harris Family Graduates From Space Camp

From family fun to creating and avoiding conflict, VH1’s primetime line-up offered an entertaining week in television. On T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, the Harris family worked together to complete a simulated mission at space camp. On Basketball Wives LA, Malaysia decided to officially end her relationship with Jackie during their trip to Paris.

On Black Ink Crew, Dutchess and Ceaser had an explosive argument when Dutchess learned that Ceaser cheated on her while on This Is Hot 97, Rosenberg finally had the courage to confront Mike Tyson about calling him the wrong name. Check out highlights from this past week on VH1.

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle: The Harrises Have Some Trouble In Space

After T.I. sees that Domani and King are not able to work together to build a toy rocket ship, the Harris family decides to work on their team-building skills by attending space camp. After receiving astronaut simulation training, the family takes part in a simulated mission where King and Domani must repair a damaged satellite. In the midst of working together, the family encounters some trouble along the way but manage to successfully return to space. Once the family has accomplished their mission, they attended a space camp graduation ceremony. We absolutely love seeing this family succeeding together on their hustle!

Basketball Wives LA: Malaysia Ends Her Friendship With Jackie

It’s quite hard to forget the rollercoaster ride that was Laura Govan and Jackie Christie’s friendship. In case you need a refresher – Laura felt that Jackie betrayed their friendship back in Season 1, so during Season 2 Laura decided to return the favor and manipulate Jackie. In a surprising turn of events this season, Malaysia admits that she has finally come to her senses and realized what everyone (ahem, Laura) had been saying about Jackie all this time – she is a fake friend and a conniving manipulator. During their trip to Paris, Malaysia has an enlightening moment and decides to officially end her friendship with Jackie.

Black Ink Crew: Dutchess vs. Ceaser

After a 5-hour long conversation with Ceaser’s side-chick, Dutchess takes the anger she has from Ceaser’s cheating and puts it into moving his stuff out of her apartment. Once Ceaser comes to take his things, Dutchess blows up at him over their relationship and his decision to cheat. While arguing back and forth outside the apartment, Dutchess begins to criticize Ceaser’s business and work ethic. This explosive confrontation certainly turned ugly. Will Ceaser and Dutchess be able to resolve this issue or is their relationship officially over?

This Is Hot 97: Rosenberg Confronts Mike Tyson

One of the worst things that can happen in the workplace is having someone constantly mispronounce your name. On This Is Hot 97, after years of being called Dave, Rosenberg tries to naturally have Mike Tyson learn that his first name is Peter. After multiple failed attempts, Rosenberg finally has the courage to just tell Mike Tyson that he has been calling him by the wrong name for years. Surprisingly the conversation goes quite well and Mike Tyson even signs a copy of his book for Rosenberg…except that Mike Tyson wrote the inscription out to Dave. Hey, Rosenberg – at least you tried.

Do you agree with Malaysia’s opinion of Jackie? Should Dutchess give Ceaser a second chance? Would you have been able to confront Mike Tyson?

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