VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Sundy Verbally Attacks Brandi On The Basketball Wives LA Season 3 Finale

With VH1’s colorful spectrum of cast members, you never know what they will say or do next. On the shocking season 3 finale of Basketball Wives LA, it was no holds barred as Sundy verbally attacked Brandi and criticized her for not being able to have children. On T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, T.I. and Tiny buy the kids a dog but they first must prove that they are mature and responsible enough to keep it.

On Black Ink Crew, O’S**t gathers his baby mamas together for a “role call” but it ends up being a disastrous conversation while on This Is Hot 97, Laura Stylez organizes a birthday party for Macklemore. Check out highlights from this past week on VH1.

Basketball Wives LA: Sundy Verbally Attacks Brandi

From the moment we first met Brandi Maxiell at the beginning of the season, our hearts went out to her as she opened up about her struggle with ovarian cancer and her desire to have one more child to complete her family. While in Paris, an argument between Brandi and Sundy becomes nasty when Sundy uses a horrifying approach – criticizing Brandi for not being able to have children. We were in just as much shock and disgust as Brittish when Sundy made that comment. When Jackie learned of Sundy’s remark, she reprimands her friend for saying such a mean thing about a woman who has cancer, but Sundy does not appear to be the least bit remorseful.

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle: T.I. and Tiny Buy The Kids A Dog

After years of the Harris children asking for a family pet, T.I. and Tiny finally give in and decide to buy a dog. Being the fun and creative parents that they are, T.I. and Tiny plan a scavenger hunt for their kids in order to discover that they are getting a dog. Once the kids learn that they have a new family dog, T.I. reviews The Harris Family Dog Responsibility Contract that each child must sign. During the next week, Messiah and Domani build the dog a doghouse, Niq Niq and Deyjah buy the dog toys and clothes, and King and Major learn how to train to dog. We were just as happy and excited to welcome the newest member of the Harris family!

Black Ink Crew: O’S**t Holds A “Baby Mama Role Call”

With the possibility of going to jail hanging over his head, O’S**t thinks it is a good idea to get all his baby mamas together so that they can become more familiar with one another in case he is not in the picture for a while. When O’S**t tells Walt his idea, like him, we understand O’S**t’s intentions but we knew this “role call” was not going to go over well – especially with O’S**t’s pregnant fiancé, Anya. During the meeting, Anya becomes extremely defensive towards Kathie and Coley’s questions and concerns. As a result, Anya walks out on the conversation. Will O’S**t be able to keep all his baby mamas in check?

This Is Hot 97: Macklemore Celebrates His Birthday With Hot 97

As the rookie of Hot 97, Ebro assigns Laura Stylez the task of organizing Macklemore’s birthday party and buying him a present. With an overwhelming amount of pressure on her shoulders, Laura Stylez turns to Miss Info and Funkmaster Flex for suggestions and support. When it comes time to celebrate the rapper’s birthday, Macklemore is impressed with the birthday party and loves the gift of a macaroni Macklemore portrait.

Was Sundy’s attack on Brandi uncalled for? Will O’S**t’s baby mamas learn to get along? What would you have given Macklemore as a birthday present?

Share your thoughts and comments below.

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