VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Does O’S**t Have A Fourth Baby Mama?

From baby mama drama and a battle royal to meditation and pranks, VH1’s primetime line-up served up a buffet full of entertainment. On the season 2 finale of Black Ink Crew, O’S**t gets romantic with another woman, Niecy, who has a baby which causes us to wonder if she is O’S**t’s fourth baby mama. On the Basketball Wives LA season 3 reunion, Sundy and Brandi get physical on stage as the audience jumps in on the action.

On T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle, Russell Simmons meditates with Domani and hires him to create the background music for his new video game, Green Rocks. On This Is Hot 97, Rosenberg fools Cipha Sounds into believing that Ricki Lake is standing outside their building. Check out the best moments from this past week on VH1.

Black Ink Crew: Does O’S**t Have A Fourth Baby Mama?

Last week, we saw a disaster unfold before our eyes as O’S**t gathered all his baby mamas together for a meeting aka “role call”. This week, O’S**t’s relationship web becomes even more tangled when Niecy stops by to visit O’S**t and ends the conversation by asking him to kiss his baby. WHAT?! Is there a FOURTH baby mama?! Like Puma, we are shocked and confused! Is O’S**t’s baby mama situation messier than it already was? Later, when Niecy stops by Black Ink and O’S**t returns without a shirt on, the rest of the crew questions the true relationship between her and O’S**t.

Basketball Wives LA: Sundy vs. Brandi – Round Two

Last week on the season finale episode, we watched as Sundy verbally attacked Brandi and criticized her for not being able to have children. When the topic is brought up during the reunion show, although Sundy apologizes for her nasty statement towards Brandi, even host John Salley cannot maintain the aggression between these women. As the women go back and forth, the argument becomes heated, and the two women get physical. The situation becomes even more out of hand when audience members get involved and an all-out brawl erupts on stage! We have never witnessed such a chaotic reunion show. #Ratchet or #Entertaining?

T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle: Russell Simmons Hires Domani

When T.I. brings Russell Simmons by the house, he provides Domani with the perfect platform and introduction to one of the most successful businessmen. After the kids have played the video game, Russell offers Domani the opportunity to provide the music for the game. With some time spent mediating and working in the studio, Domani creates a cool track for the game – one that even impresses T.I.! Great work, Domani!

This Is Hot 97: Cipha Sounds Chases Down “Ricki Lake”

Last week on This Is Hot 97, Cipha Sounds convinced Maino to intimidate Rosenberg as part of a prank. This week, Rosenberg retaliates by convincing Cipha Sounds that his talk show host crush, Ricki Lake, is in line at the coffee cart outside their building. After Rosenberg sets the scene, Cipha Sounds runs out of the building and chases down “Ricki Lake” only to learn that the woman in the red jacket is not the woman of his dreams. Sweet revenge for Rosenberg!

Is Niecy O’S**t’s fourth baby mama? What was your reaction to the Basketball Wives LA Reunion brawl? What did you think of the song Domani recorded for Russell Simmons’ new video game?

Share your thoughts, reactions, and comments below.

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