VH1’s Weekly Wrap-Up: Drea Gets Married On Hollywood Exes Season Finale

The new seasons of Hollywood Exes, La La’s Full Court Life, and Marrying The Game came to a close this week. On the season finale of Hollywood Exes, Drea finally believed in love again as she and Brian got married! On La La’s Full Court Life, La La hosted a successful pop-up shop for 5th & Mercer while on Marrying The Game, Tiffney and The Game each began a new chapter in their separate lives.

On Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, a horrifying attack on Benzino put him in the hospital while on Hit The Floor, Jelena worked with Zero to blackmail Sloane. Watch highlights from the best moments of this past week on VH1!

Hollywood Exes: Drea and Brian Get Married

The day has finally arrived for Drea and Brian to get married!!! All the women, minus Jessica – of course, came together to celebrate Drea’s newfound love and happiness. We excitedly watched as Brian and Drea tied the knot to become husband and wife. Unfortunately, Drea and Brian are currently in the process of getting divorced, but we are happy to know that Drea believes in love once again.

Click here for a behind-the-scenes look of Drea and Brian’s wedding.

La La’s Full Court Life: La La Hosts A 5th & Mercer Pop-Up Shop Fashion Show

Last week we were stunned to learn that Justin lost the location for the 5th & Mercer pop-up shop. Thankfully, La La and her brother, Christian, were able to find a new location to host the event. In order to make her 3-day pop-up shop as successful as possible, La La invites press and creates a last-minute fashion show to promote the line. Like always, La La pulls everything together with some help from Po and Dice, and her 5th & Mercer pop-up shop was more successful than La could have ever imagined!

Marrying The Game: Tiffney and The Game Are Ready To Move On

For the past two seasons of Marrying The Game, Tiffney and The Game have been in a state of uncertainty as to where their relationship was headed. After dating for 9 years and then trying co-parenting, Tiffney and The Game are ready to take the next step in their own separate lives. As they each get ready for their first date in almost a decade, they reflect on their relationship and how they are both ready to move on.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta: Gunshots Send Benzino To The ER

We were shocked to learn that Benzino was shot while driving in the car on the way to his mother’s funeral service. After this horrifying attack, which included two bullet wounds (in the arm and in the back), Benzino is hospitalized; soon after Althea and Stevie J visit him. As Benzino recounts the story of what happened to Althea, all their issues and arguments over Stevie J fall by the way side as they focus on what’s important.

Hit The Floor: Jelena Plans To Blackmail Sloane

Ever since Sloane became director of the Devil Girls, Jelena’s focus has been on removing Sloane from her position of power. After unsuccessfully trying to convince Oscar to fire her, Jelena begins digging into Sloane’s past to find something that could make her lose her job. With some major help from Zero, Jelena is able to get a hold of a nude photo of Sloane which we later see is shown at Derek’s roast.

Is this enough blackmail to get Sloane fired? Better yet – will Sloane be too embarrassed to return to Devils Arena?

Will Benzino and Althea really be able to move past Althea and Stevie J’s hook up? What will happen to Sloane? Is there any chance of Tiffney and The Game getting back together?

Share your thoughts, reactions, and comments below.

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