Amber Rose and Blac Chyna’s Kiss Was the Most Underrated Part of the BET Awards

And more you missed on Instagram this weekend.

A lot of ish went down this weekend, but we’re here to give you the most important deets. Caitlyn Jenner and more stars celebrated marriage equality and Pride Day, Nicki dominated the 2015 BET Awards, Kim K. hung with the youngsters at Glastonbury, oh, and it was Khloe’s birthday.

Yes, the BET Awards was a glorious event, but before we get to the epic Bad Boy reunion and Nicki takeover, let’s shed some light on perhaps the greatest part of the night. Amber Rose and Blac Chyna walked the red carpet together in MATCHING OUTFITS and the reasoning is perfection. “[W]ent to the BET awards as each other’s Date to celebrate Marriage Equality #LoveWins,” Amber wrote on her Instagram. And did you catch this?
YAS KWEENS! Moving on, the Bad Boy reunion made our night, and here’s the family before the big performance.
And Faith Evans and Diddy’s pre-show, pre-show celebration.

Nicki, the woman of the night, was not only joined by her man Meek Mill, but also her mom, who casually hung out with stars like Rihanna. <3 Precious <3

Nicki was already turning up on the sidelines of the BET Celebrity Basketball game on Saturday. We expected nothing less.
Caitlyn Jenner had a ball yesterday at a pride event at NYC’s PHD.

OITNB’s Danielle Brooks and Selenis Levya showed their support at the NYC Pride Parade yesterday.
And how could you forget? Saturday was Khloe Kardashian’s 31st birthday. Caitlyn posted this adorable throwback pic of Bruce and Khloe.

Here’s Khloe’s cake, exactly how you pictured Khloe’s cake to be.

And when Kim wasn’t trucking through a grassy field in heels at Glastobury, she was hanging with Gigi, Kendall, and Cara.

“You girls keep me young, I love you so much.”

We’d say it was a pretty solid weekend all around.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.