The Hair Metal 100: Ranking the ’80s Greatest Glam Bands, Part 4

Counting down from #40 to #21: the higher the hair, the heavier the hits.

So far, our initial installments of The Hair Metal 100 have mostly highlighted (pun intended) the more obscure end of the shredders-in-spandex spectrum. Now we hit the Top 40. Brace yourself.

Super-mega-ultra-max-stardom loomed as the goal of all ’80s mousse-rock practitioners. To note just how very important arena-packing success was to the hair-heapers, just contrast the anti-establishment punk rockers of the original 1982 Decline of Western Civilization documentary with the Sunset Strip strutters who had dollar signs floating in front of their mascara six years later in The Decline of Western Civilization Part II: The Metal Years.

Please note: this is not a knock on glam metal ethics. It’s quite the contrary.

After Metallica was accused of “selling out,” Jason Newsted responded brilliantly: “Yes, we sell out—every seat in the house!” That drive and ambition, then, is what prompted poodle-noodlers to storm the stage and play every dive bar and basement hell-pit as though they were Madison Square Garden or the Hollywood Bowl.

As The Hair Metal 100 soars closer to #1, passion and professionalism mix with glitter and guitar magic to combust into some of the decade’s absolutely most dynamic sounds… and, of course, sights, too.

Here are numbers 40 to 21.

40. Y&T

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