The Best Scream, Meanest Comment and Other Scream Queens Awards for “Haunted House” (Season 1, Episode 4)

You're going to die over this week's episode.

The fourth episode of Scream Queens, God Ryan Murphy’s magnum opus, aired last night. Like the episodes before it, this one (titled “Haunted House”) was chock-full of gory deaths, gag-worthy outfits and biznitchy dialogue galore. Did you love it? Of course you did.

We began our Scream Queens Awards last week with “Chainsaw.” But this week’s awards reach a whole new level of insanity. We want to know what you thought of the episode, too, so sound off in the comments. Let’s get started, bloody betches.

  • Best Scream

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    Spoiler alert: One of the Red Devils kidnaps Zayday (Keke Palmer) at the end of the episode, and her panicked scream will send chills up your spine. Honorable mention: Chad Radwell (Glen Powell) lets out a pretty epic howl after running out of the creepy haunted house filled with actual dead bodies—Hester (Lea Michele) in tow.

  • Bitchiest Comment

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    “[Ms. Bean]’s haunting the campus with her fatness and murdering people.”— Chanel (Emma Roberts)

  • Most Outrageous Casual Racism or Homophobia

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    “And now Zayday’s going to win because we live in the age of Obama?!”—Chanel on Zayday possibly becoming the new president of Kappa Kappa Tau.

  • Best Death

    Grace (Skyler Samuels) and Pete (Diego Boneta) track down one of the girls present when a Kappa sister died after giving birth in 1995. Later in the episode, this girl—now a woman who lives in a trailer—gets a surprise visit from the Red Devil, who stabs her. Yikes. Should’ve kept the past in the past, eh?

  • Douchiest Chad Radwell Comment

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    “There’s no awesome diseases randomly killing people.”— One of Chad’s many musings about why millennials have it easy. Such a scholar.

  • Most Badass Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis) Moment

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    Right after getting cleared by the police—Wes (Oliver Hudson) accused Munsch of being the killer—this queen has the gumption to hit on Wes and rub her leg on his. “I’m going to let you be my date for the faculty Halloween party,” she says seductively. “We are going as Bo Beep…and her sheep.” What a role model.

  • Creepiest Hester Quote

    “Do you think you’re man enough to take me inside that house and attack my crack?”—Talking to Chad about exactly what you think they’re talking about.

  • Most Slay-worthy Fashion Moment

    This opulent-ass feather number from one Chanel Oberlin. And I’m dead.

  • Most Likely to Be the Killer (Right Now)

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    Chanel. She makes a direct threat to Zayday after she learns she is running for KKT president. Also, Grace outright accuses Chanel of being the Red Devil at the end of episode. And she doesn’t exactly deny it.

  • Biggest OMFG Secret

    Prior to what we thought, the 1995 bathtub baby is not a boy—it’s a girl. Is it Grace?! It’s definitely Grace. Right?