Kerry Washington and Selena Gomez Will Make You Question Ever Hating on Another Female Again

How these two powerhouses will make you look inward and reflect on past behavior.

It’s sad that women so often hate on and compete with each other when we could be so much more powerful working together. Whether we like to admit it or not, we’re all guilty of it. It’s refreshing to see women cheering one another on, but hearing empowering and positive words spoken about each other, like Kerry Washington and Selena Gomez recently have, is completely eye-opening.

As Refinery 29’s lastest (Un)Cover star, Selena explains how the difficulty of maneuvering through adulthood has been lessened due to influences like Kerry and Jennifer Aniston-who, by the way- she would choose to hang with over a man anytime.

“I treasure these women,” says Selena. “I’d rather be around women than men. I think they are interesting, complicated, and beautiful.”

And their friendships are just adorable. Kerry hunted Selena down at the Met Ball this year to give her her number in case she ever just wanted to talk. Jennifer invites Selena over to talk about life over homemade pizza. What’s beautiful is that the streets go both ways.

Kerry gushes that she’s “so proud” of Selena, the fellow Scandal Gladiator. “I love her so much! I think she’s just such an elegant young woman-she’s so filled with grace and poise and intelligence and generosity. She’s just a real girl, you know?”

The influences these strong, don’t-need-no-man ladies have had on Selena truly shine. “I don’t want to become little or hurt or a victim,” she says. “I want to be strong for girls. I just want them to know that there is an option of standing up for yourself.”

Not to mention she’s totally good being on her own. “Do not try to date me right now,” she stated.

How Olivia Pope is that?

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.